Leith Programme and CEC Project Update Nr 108: TRAMS!

(adapted from an email sent at 07:53:07 on 29 August 2017 from Leith.Programme@edinburgh.gov.uk)

LCCC says:
The following is not just a standard ‘Leith Programme’ announcement: the message below outlines a cluster of major projects, each of which will have a major (negative, at least during the prolonged construction period) impact on Leith Walk and its hinterland, even if well-managed.
Particularly noteworthy: no word about how any of this impacts on the completion of the existing ‘Leith Programme’, i.e. fixing Leith Walk along its whole length. Is this just absence of contingency planning – in case the tram outline business case is deemed to be not robust or the tram project start is delayed? Or has the idea to completely repair Leith Walk repairs already been abandoned?

Dear Stakeholder

Tram to Newhaven Update

The Outline Business Case (OBC) for taking Edinburgh’s tram service down to Leith and Newhaven will be published on the Council’s website on Tuesday 29 August at 7.00am.

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Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 106: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road)

(adapted from an email sent by Michael Motion of Turner & Townsend at 18:00 on 8 August. We apologise for the late posting of this news: our web-weaver was on holiday.)

Dear Stakeholder,

Leith Programme Phase 4 is currently observing the Edinburgh Festival embargo on road works within the city and, as such, has now demobilised fully from Leith Walk and Iona Street.  The Contractor will return to site to re-mobilise and commence the remaining works as of Monday 28thAugust.  Continue reading

Proposals for Leith

Students at the University of Edinburgh have made some suggestions regarding the Easter Road area. This work was led by Dr Tahl Kaminer, Lecturer in Architectural Design and Theory.

Kirkland argues the case for a new cultural initiative in the area, whereas Garcia and Nair propose an ‘industrial heritage’ route from Easter Road to Broughton/Pilrig with new hubs.

Click the graphics to download their reports:

Easter Road HIBS stadium final.indd Urban project report Rhi Myfanwy Kirkland


Easter Road Game Changer

(adapted from an email from Tahl Kaminer, Lecturer in Architectural Design and Theory, University of Edinburgh)

Hibernian Community Foundation, the charity arm of Hibernian FC, has launched Game Changer, an ambitious Public Social Partnership in collaboration with many partners, chief among them NHS Lothian and Edinburgh City Council.

‘The aim is to unlock the power and passion associated with football and to make greater use of all Hibernian’s physical, cultural and professional assets, to deliver a better, healthier future for the most vulnerable, disenfranchised or disadvantaged in our communities.’

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Plans for new Lidl store at 248 Easter Road – new update

Please see the the original post (made on 2 February 2014) for background.

On 11 September 2015, Lidl submitted a full planning application (15/04194/FUL) which appears to occupy a substantially larger footprint and with more parking/loading and retail space than signalled when Lidl representatives presented to LCCC in 2014 and – apparently – to local residents earlier this year. Objections and comments need to be submitted by 16 October 2015.

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20mph in Edinburgh – results of consultation


This revised 20mph network will be submitted to Edinburgh Council’s Transport & Environment Committee on 13 January 2015.

Further details are on Edinburgh Council’s website.

The screenshot shows LCCC’s area and the streets that would be affected.