Transport and clean streets

October 2017 (v.1.2)


Harald Tobermann (convenor), Clara Boeker, Roberto Colasuonno, Sheila Kennedy


as required


The T&CS Committee recognises the importance of agreeing an appropriate hierarchy of users. Two very similar hierarchies have been proposed and will be used to inform the activities of the T&CS Sub-Committee until a unified hierarchy has been drawn up and agreed.

public transport
commercial vehicles
high occupancy vehicles
single occupancy vehicles
public transport users
waste collection and street cleaning vehicles
delivery vehicles to local businesses
delivery vehicles to private addresses
through traffic


T&CS Sub-Committee acts on behalf of LCCC and will

  1. monitor quality, upkeep and cleanliness of the public realm in the LCCC area, that is: all public spaces except parks and green corridors. In particular
    • street lighting and maintenance
    • domestic and business waste collection
    • street cleansing
  2. monitor pollution from transport in the area
  3. monitor and respond to TROs in the area
  4. contribute to and liaise with relevant LCCC Subcommittees and Working Groups, as required
  5. monitor and respond to ‘Leith Walk Programme’
  6. monitor and respond to plans to extend trams along Leith Walk
  7. monitor and respond to other measures and proposals that are likely to have a
    material impact on LCCC area
  8. propose a hierarchy of transport users appropriate to LCCC area for adoption by
  9. review this remit annually prior to the AGM