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Next public meeting

Next meeting date 19 October 2020.
(last updated 27th September 2020)

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Leith Central Community Council provides a forum for local people to engage with and work for their local community. The meetings are on the third Monday of every month and these meetings are public, so you are very welcome to attend and engage with what is happening in your local area.

Agendas and minutes are added to the Meetings page as they become available.

Update on LCCC activities during lockdown

Following guidance from the City of Edinburgh Council, Leith Central Community Council did not holding public meetings from May to August.

As the majority of transport, planning and other developments were postponed, and effective consultations were not possible via fully digital methods, the committee members agreed to postpone public meetings until further notice. Any decisions that could not be postponed, and hence werre made via email, video-meetings etc, will be ratified at future, properly-convened public meetings.

LCCC continues to review the situation and work within the guidance outlined by our partners in the City of Edinburgh Council, the Scottish Government and the UK Government.

LCCC intends to continue representing our communities as much as possible, and our website will continue to receive updates.

If you have any questions about  LCCC or related issues, please contact us using the email addresses below:


Flu vaccination – stakeholder briefing

The full PDF is here: Flu stakeholder info (PDF). Here are some key points


The COVID-19 pandemic, and the increase in the number of people who should get a free flu vaccine, means it is very difficult for your GP practices to give flu vaccines to everyone eligible this winter.

In Edinburgh, we have set up drive through and walk through clinics around the city to give flu vaccines to all eligible people during October and November. Doing this will allow us to vaccinate as many people as possible, while making sure we can maintain physical distancing and keep everyone safe.

Information in other languages is on EHSCP’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5wSR2hIJAGZOSaAouEtwGE_OclW4_Qft

Some detail

The clinics will open most weekends in October and November and can vaccinate up to 500 people a day.

By developing flu drive throughs, everyone entitled to a free flu vaccine from a household can attend at the same time. For those who don’t have access to a car, you’ll be able to visit one of the walk through clinic across the city.

In addition, you can give a neighbour or friend a lift as long as you are both well and wear masks and take normal COVID precautions (further details are available on the NHS Inform website below)

As well as over 65s, pregnant people, unpaid carers and those at risk due to existing health conditions, those who lived with people who shielded during lockdown will also be offered a free flu jab.

Keeping people safe and healthy is a priority, so before the jab is administered, a nurse will ask some questions to make sure it is safe to administer the vaccine. The person receiving the jab doesn’t need to leave their car and will also be asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving the clinic to ensure there’s no reaction to the vaccine.

If you are eligible for a free flu vaccine, or for more information, go to www.nhsinform.scot/flu to find out where you can get your jab in Edinburgh. If you qualify for a free vaccine you’ll be given a time to attend a clinic after completing a short questionnaire. Please help neighbours and friends who may not be comfortable with accessing websites.


These groups are eligible for the flu vaccine this year:

  • all primary school children
  • children aged 2 to 5 (children aged 2 on 1 September 2020 and not yet in school)
  • anyone aged 55 and over (from December)
  • anyone aged 18-64 in clinical risk groups
  • those living with people who were shielding during lockdown
  • pregnant women
  • healthcare workers
  • unpaid and young carers
  • social care workers who provide direct personal care

LCCC October 2020 meeting agenda

Please note that this is an online ‘business’ (members-only) meeting, mostly discussing how LCCC will conduct its affairs online, in particular its annual general meeting.

  1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of business meeting 21 September 2020
  3. to agree:​ LCCC to hold an AGM on 16 November 2020 using the following format, agenda and rules of engagement and currently online only:
    1. AGM Format:
      1. While the online platform will be decided by the Communications Group, (taking into account the rules of engagement below, as well as the need to accommodate users of Council hardware and members of the public), members need to agree a budget of a maximum of £570 towards this
      2. Using the chosen platform, a prior technical and logistical test needs to be carried out as a dress rehearsal
      3. the maximum length of an online meeting should not exceed 60 minutes
      4. The Chair will obtain proper dispensation from the Standing Orders (see SCHEME FOR COMMUNITY COUNCILS​) for the AGM that is less ambiguous than the current ‘We can now endorse holding AGMs using virtual means’ (CEC 13-08-20)
    2. AGM Agenda:
      1. Recording of membership present and apologies received
      2. to agree: ​minutes of the last annual general meeting of LCCC.
      3. to note: Chairperson & Secretary’s & Engagement Officer’s annual report (and questions from the floor).
      4. to agree: ​Treasurer’s submission of balance sheet and annual accounts duly independently examined and certified correct (and questions from the floor).
      5. Demit of current office bearers/election of office bearers.
      6. to agree: ​Dates, times and venue of future ordinary meetings
      7. to note: Date of next annual general meeting
    3. AGM rules of engagement
      1. Prior identification of anyone who wants to speak (no aliases)
      2. Roll call of LCCC for any votes taken
      3. The Chair will identify and appoint (neutral) facilitator/s of the above, including definition of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. to note: ​until the AGM or the next properly constituted LCCC meeting, whichever comes first, office bearers will continue to act and communicate on behalf of LCCC under previously delegated powers with any decisions taken on behalf of LCCC to be reported and ratified at a subsequent properly constituted meeting.
  5. Reports from office bearers and sub-committee convenors.
  6. AOCB
  7. Next Meeting:​ 16 November 2020 (AGM)

Free bike repairs for those who need it most! (up to £50)

Click either graphic to see the original PDF.

Here’s the text from the leaflet:

Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

Free bike repairs worth up to £50 for those who need it most right now



Through the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme, bike shops across Scotland are providing up to £50 worth of free bike repairs to those who need it most – whether it’s for an old bike that needs some work to make it roadworthy, or one that’s well used but requires some care.

Who can get their bike fixed?

People who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford these repairs. The COVID-19 crisis has hit many people hard, so we know it can be difficult to pay for essential bike repairs right now.

What repairs are covered?

  • Punctures or old tires
  • Problems with brakes
  • Gears that don’t work properly
  • Other issues that stop you using the bike

All cycles are welcome in the scheme including adults’ and children’s bikes, e-bikes and non-standard cycles e.g. tandems, tricycles, hand cycles and side-by-side cycles.

How do I use the scheme to get my bike fixed?

Search for your nearest participating bike shop either online via the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme map www.cyclinguk.org/ScotCycleRepair or look out for a bike shop displaying our poster or window sticker.

You simply contact the bike shop to book your bike in for repairs. They will look at the bike and let you know what work needs doing, before going ahead with any repairs.

Cycling UK is a trading name of Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) a company limited by guarantee, registered in England no: 25185. Registered as a charity in England and Wales charity no: 1147607 and in Scotland charity no: SC042541.
Registered office: Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX.

Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 27 August 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting (Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 27 August 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading

Stead’s Place: public meeting notes and video

The following text has not been checked by LCCC office-bearers or Drum Property Group. However, LCCC’s minutes secretary has endeavoured to provide an accurate – but not verbatim – account of this section of its September meeting. This account might be altered when LCCC considers the full minutes of this meeting in October.

The Zoom video-recording is available on Youtube.

Continue reading

LCCC August 2020 DRAFT minutes

Please note that these are draft – while LCCC’s minutes secretary has tried to ensure they are accurate, they are provided for information only and do not represent LCCC’s decision until ratified (possibly with changes) at a subsequent meeting.

Minutes of the members-only meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held via Zoom on Monday 17 August 2020 at 7:00pm

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Leith Walk closures tomorrow from 7pm – 5am

We wanted to remind you that the Trams to Newhaven works require the running lane in Leith Walk to be closed tomorrow from 7pm to 5am and will repeat every weeknight for the coming week. Please see the below tweet;

Lothian Buses have also issued an update on their website at lothianbuses.com. Day buses will utilise Easter Road and Night Buses will use Bonnington Road.

You can keep up with the Trams to Newhaven project and sign up for their regular updates at edinburgh.gov.uk/tramstonewhaven.

McDonald Road Library (& some others) re-opening next month

McDonald Road Library is set to re-open during the day from Tuesday 13th October 2020.

Services resuming include book borrowing and internet access.

Please see the below posters from Edinburgh Council for more information. For up-to-date information, please visit yourlibrary.edinburgh.gov.uk and talesofonecity.wordpress.com.

Stead’s Place online session – 21st September

We’re delighted to announce that we are hosting a presentation from Drum Property Group, regarding the Stead’s Place development, followed by a Q&A session on Monday 21st September, 7pm.

Local residents are encouraged to submit questions in advance, but are also welcome to ask questions directly at the session. Pre-submitted questions will be addressed first, followed by open questions.

This event is open to the public and all are welcome, though spaces are limited. To take part, please note;

  1. This is a pre-registered event. Please register using Eventbrite.
  2. The meeting will take place on Zoom, so please ensure you are able to use Zoom videoconfrencing software.
  3. You can familiarise yourself with the new plans linked on our Eventbrite page and below.

More information and registration: eventbrite.co.uk/e/lccc-steads-place-session-with-drum-property-group-tickets-120065937451

Tram works TROs

Leith Central residents, visitors and businesses might want to be aware of the TRO proposals to do with the tram-works. LCCC understands that formal consultations are likely to start in early September (lasting 28 days).

TRO drawings for the full route are available on the Trams Project website, but for convenience  here are the ones covering Leith Central’s area. Click any thumbnail to access the full-size PDF.

Foot of the Walk to Jane Street Steads Place to Jamieson Place
Dalmeny Street to Pilrig Street Albert Street to McDonald Road
Brunswick Street to Elm Row