Pierre Forissier (convenor), Nick Gardner, Harald Tobermann, John Wilkinson


The four levels of planning and the suggested responses by the LCCC were considered as follows:

Local planning applications

These are within LCCC’s boundaries and have impact on the physical and social infrastructure and  have environmental considerations. Small applications, e.g. window replacement, patio extensions etc are not usually contested by LCCC.

LCCC has historically promoted:

  • development encouraging pedestrians, cycling, public transport
  • maintaining green spaces
  • maintaining employment/housing mix within walking distance
  • encouraging residential mix with family-sized accommodation.

City-wide applications

Major applications (e.g. St James development) which are considered to have a significant impact on our CC area will be reviewed, and comments will be sent to developers and Edinburgh Council.

Regional plans

Applications for significant development within the South East regional plan will be considered for their impact on our area.

Scottish Government legislation

Review forthcoming planning Bill which is an outcome of a two year consultation document ‘Places, people and planning’


The stages of planning applications are:

OUT Outline planning permission – permission in principle, no details until formal application
PAN Planning Advice Note – outline proposals, notional concept but no details – public viewing and comments to developer
FUL Full planning permission – detailed proposals and supporting documentation – comments to EC
LBC Listed building consent

The timeline is critical for comments to Edinburgh Council. Therefore the procedure for the sub-committee would be as follows:

  • Draft objections circulated around the sub-committee for comment.
  • Thereafter an agreed response ( if possible with endorsement by the full CC) , the convenor of the planning sub-committee will email this response directly to Edinburgh Council’s planning department, and also via the Edinburgh Council planning website, i.e. a two pronged approach. Possibly also directly to the designated planning officer.
  • Copies sent to local ward councillors, possibly Spurtle

General information

Anyone can comment on planning applications. Community council objections are not registered as ‘collective’ but as an individual.

Planning applications are updated weekly by Edinburgh Council and can be viewed on-line. Individuals can be put on the mailing list by registering on Edinburgh Council’s website.

A concordat exists between Edinburgh Council and its community councils. This can be accessed on Edinburgh Council’s website.