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LCCC January 2021 meeting agenda

  1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies (19:00)
    1. to note: declarations of interest in any items on the agenda
    2. to note: J Hein’s death (24/12/20)
    3. to note: A Tibbitt resignation (7/1/21)
    4. to agree: to notify CEC of the above changes
    5. to agree: order of business below
  2. Approval of Minutes of 16 November 2020 meeting (19:05)
  3. Matters Arising from previous minutes (and not included on agenda below) (19:10)
  4. Community Police Officer’s Report (19:12)
  5. Planning (1917)
    1. to note: restrictions to CEC posting physical planning notifications
    2. to agree: to write to CEC and developers deplorring deterioration of listed Dryden Street buildings, poor maintenance of Dryden Bridge footpath and damage to bridge
    3. to note: update on latest Platform/Bonnington plans  (20/01932/FUL) and deadline for comments (23-01-21)
    4. to note: any other Planning matters relevant to LCCC area
  6. LCCC Governance and Office Bearers’ reports (19:37)
    1. to note: need for updated publication policy and procedures (website, twitter, facebook), learning from recent ‘social’ media issues
    2. to note: verbal report on webinar Scottish Open Government: Delivering on the Scottish Government’s Programme of Reforms
    3. to note: Office Bearers’ decision to set up Clydesdale Internet Banking (T&Cs) and IT spend (MS Teams)
    4. to note: Treasurer’s report
    5. to note: reports from other Office Bearers and LCCC groups
    6. to: note: update on LCCC representation on outside bodies
  7. Parks & Green Spaces (20:00)
    1. to note: Draft Submission to Public Space Management Consultation and deadline for comments (20-01-21)
    2. to note: verbal update  on Powderhall Railway Path
    3. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
    4. to note: other Park Friend’s reports
  8. Transport & Clean Streets (20:05)
    1. to agree: joint email with NTBCC regarding SfP measures (one-sided cyclepath) on London Road and CEC’s ability to maintain these new spaces adequately (snow/ice)
    2. to note: verbal update on tram works and final overall impact on LCCC area
      1. to note: any issues that have arisen for local residents or businesses that have not been dealt with satisfactorily by the Tram Project Team
    3. to note: any other Transport & Clean Street matters relevant to LCCC area
  9. Licensing (20:15)
  10. Open Forum[1]
  11. AOCB[2]
  12. Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
    1. to note: 2021: 2021, 15 February, 15 March, 19 April, 17 May (AGM)
    2. to note: future presentations and charrettes
      1. tbc: talk by CEC Archeology Officer and FCA on findings at 70, 72 Newhaven Road (17/01183/FUL)

[1] This agenda point allows members of the public to raise issues of public interest.

[2] This agenda point enables LCCC members to raise issues not covered by the agenda.

Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 29 October 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting (Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 29 October 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading

Register for our virtual AGM next Monday

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 16th November at 7pm on Zoom. It is open to all residents in the local area. It is an opportunity to hear about the LCCC activities over the last year, and to look forward to 2020/2021.

More details and registration on

The meeting will include;

  • Annual Report: brief review of year
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Demit of current office bearers and election of new office bearers

AGM Agenda

  1. Welcome and recording of LCCC membership present and apologies received
  2. to agree: Minutes of the previous annual general meeting of LCCC
  3. to note: the Annual Report
  4. to agree: Treasurer’s submission of Balance Sheet and Annual Accounts duly independently examined and certified correct (p4ff of Annual Report)
  5. This item will be chaired by Bruce Ryan:
    Demit of current office bearers and election of office bearers
  6. This and subsequent items will be chaired by the newly elected LCCC chair:
    Confirmation of LCCC committees and working groups, their convenors and members 
  7. to agree: Dates, times and venue of future ordinary meetings
  8. to note: Date of next annual general meeting: 17 May 2021.

Meeting papers (from October 2014 onwards) are on LCCC’s website on the meetings page:

Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 01 October 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting
(Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 1 October 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading

Invitation to contribute to Scotland’s Climate Assembly

Scotland’s Climate Assembly will bring together over 100 people, representative of the population of Scotland, to tackle the question:

‘How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?’

<p “>Assembly members will gather over 6 weekends to hear evidence, deliberate on the challenges and come up with some recommendations for government. It all begins on the 7th November.

Before we get underway, the Assembly wants to hear from as much of the public as possible. How do you think Scotland should address climate change? How do we make sure solutions are both effective – working for the planet – and fair – working for everyone?

We therefore invite you to share your ideas and comments on our online platform, which will be open until the 26th October. Please share this information with your fellow council members.

Join the conversation online

How to participate:

  1. Go to our online platform and click on ‘register’ in the top right corner.
  2. Enter a username – this is how you will appear on the site.
  3. Enter your email address – this will remain hidden.
  4. Choose and then confirm a secure password.
  5. You can now log in any time. Add your own ideas by clicking on the button shown here, or you can rate and comment on the ideas that others have already added to the platform.

Start sharing your ideas

All contributions will be taken into consideration in the development of the Assembly.

To give as many people as possible the chance to engage, we would appreciate your sharing this information as widely as you can. We look forward to reading your ideas!


The Secretariat
Scotland’s Climate Assembly

adapted from an email forwarded by CEC

LCCC October 2020 meeting agenda

Please note that this is an online ‘business’ (members-only) meeting, mostly discussing how LCCC will conduct its affairs online, in particular its annual general meeting.

  1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of business meeting 21 September 2020
  3. to agree:​ LCCC to hold an AGM on 16 November 2020 using the following format, agenda and rules of engagement and currently online only:
    1. AGM Format:
      1. While the online platform will be decided by the Communications Group, (taking into account the rules of engagement below, as well as the need to accommodate users of Council hardware and members of the public), members need to agree a budget of a maximum of £570 towards this
      2. Using the chosen platform, a prior technical and logistical test needs to be carried out as a dress rehearsal
      3. the maximum length of an online meeting should not exceed 60 minutes
      4. The Chair will obtain proper dispensation from the Standing Orders (see SCHEME FOR COMMUNITY COUNCILS​) for the AGM that is less ambiguous than the current ‘We can now endorse holding AGMs using virtual means’ (CEC 13-08-20)
    2. AGM Agenda:
      1. Recording of membership present and apologies received
      2. to agree: ​minutes of the last annual general meeting of LCCC.
      3. to note: Chairperson & Secretary’s & Engagement Officer’s annual report (and questions from the floor).
      4. to agree: ​Treasurer’s submission of balance sheet and annual accounts duly independently examined and certified correct (and questions from the floor).
      5. Demit of current office bearers/election of office bearers.
      6. to agree: ​Dates, times and venue of future ordinary meetings
      7. to note: Date of next annual general meeting
    3. AGM rules of engagement
      1. Prior identification of anyone who wants to speak (no aliases)
      2. Roll call of LCCC for any votes taken
      3. The Chair will identify and appoint (neutral) facilitator/s of the above, including definition of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. to note: ​until the AGM or the next properly constituted LCCC meeting, whichever comes first, office bearers will continue to act and communicate on behalf of LCCC under previously delegated powers with any decisions taken on behalf of LCCC to be reported and ratified at a subsequent properly constituted meeting.
  5. Reports from office bearers and sub-committee convenors.
  6. AOCB
  7. Next Meeting:​ 16 November 2020 (AGM)

Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 27 August 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting (Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 27 August 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading