Stead’s Place – planning decision

Last week, Edinburgh Council refused planning permission for the ‘Stead’s Place’ development. A letter confirming that decision is below.

The council’s reasons for the refusal were:

  1. The proposal is contrary to Local Development Plan Policy Env5 in respect of Conservation Areas – Demolition of Buildings and the non-statutory guidance on Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas as the building makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the conservation area and the design of the proposed replacement building does not outweigh the loss of the existing building.
  2. The proposal is contrary to Historic Environment Policy Statement 2016 as the building makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the conservation area and the design of the proposed replacement building does not outweigh the loss of the existing building.

This does not mean this is over: the developer may appeal the council’s decision. (Just now we have no information on whether an appeal will be made – watch this space!) Continue reading

LCCC November meeting agenda

  1. Welcome
    1. introductions
    2. attendance, apologies
    3. declarations of interest
  2. Approval of ​​Minutes of 15 October 2018​​ meeting
  3. Matters arising from previous minutes and not included in agenda below
  4. Community Police Officer’s Report
    1. to note: ​update on recent relevant incidents, crimes and police activities in LCCC area (October 2018)
  5. LCCC office-bearers’ reports
    1. to note: Treasurer’s report
    2. to note: ​other office bearers’ reports
    3. to note: ​report of LCCC Communications Group
    4. to note: ​current meeting and business arrangements of LCCC
    5. to agree:​ ​the revised remit of T&CS committee and the new remit of the Clean Streets subcommittee
  6. Transport & Clean Streets
    1. Proposed tram extension – Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT)
      1. to ​note:​ revised tram decision making and project ​timeline
      2. to ratify: ​CCTT submission ​to 2nd design consultation on tram extension and business support package on behalf of LCCC (and the other CCs along the route)
    2. to note:​ progress of public realm reinstatement at Shrub Place/Places for People
    3. to note: ​update from LCCC Parking Working Group (strategic parking review)
    4. to note: ​Leith Street future traffic management – potential options
      1. Does LCCC agree that Leith Street should be open only for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport:
        a) while the current work on Picardy Place is taking place or
        b) permanently?
      2. If so, what steps should we take to progress this?
  7. Planning
    1. to note:​ ​status of current planning applications November 2018
    2. to note: ​LCCC’s response​ to CEC’s plans for the defunct Powderhall Waste Transfer Station
    3. to note: ​recent planning portal upgrade – initial feedback
  8. Parks & Green Spaces
    1. to note:​ continued closure Water of Leith Walkway (between Anderson and Newhaven) since 20 May 2015 and further delay of re-opening to December 2018 or January 2019
    2. to note: ​Friends of Pilrig Park report
    3. to note: ​update on other Friends groups
  9. Councillors’ reports, MSPs’ reports, MP’s report
  10. Open Forum (for residents of LCCC area only)
  11. Bulletin (for information only; LCCC members may request discussion of related items at a future meeting)
    1. George Street, First New Town Design Concept (​Online Questionnaire to 25 January 2019​)
    2. Scottish Government consultation on onshore unconventional oil and gas development and Shieldhill & California CC’s campaign (Scottish Community Alliance, October 2018​)
  12. AOCB (for LCCC members only)
  13. Future meetings (usually 3​​ Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
    1. to note: ​future LCCC meetings to June 2019
      21 January; 18 February; 18 March; 15 April; 20 May; 17 June
    2. to note:​ proposed future presentations/discussions: ESJ impact and progress; Leith Viaduct Project; planning and enforcement issues in Cambridge Avenue; North East Locality Manager; impact of City Deal and ​Council Business Plan 2017-22​ on LCCC area

City Plan 2030: Development Plan Scheme October 2018

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)

The Council has recently published its latest Development Plan Scheme (DPS) – DPS 2018, which sets out the next stages in the project. It can be found online at and in Edinburgh Council libraries.

Further information including how to contact the project team, is available at: You can also follow the City Plan 2030 project by subscribing to the Planning blog or on Twitter

Ben Wilson
City Plan 2030 Team Manager

City Plan team | Place Directorate | The City of Edinburgh Council | Waverley Court, Level G3, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG | Tel 0131 529 4692 | email: |

LCCC September approved minutes

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held in Nelson Hall, McDonald Road library on Monday 17 September at 7:00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

In the chair’s and vice-chair’s absences, the meeting was chaired by the secretary. Continue reading

LCCC October meeting agenda

Agenda for Meeting of Leith Central Community Council

Monday, 15 October 2018 at 7pm McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall Continue reading

upgrade/outage of Edinburgh Council’s Planning and Buildings Standards systems

The following email has been received by NTBCC from Edinburgh Council’s Planning Service Delivery relating to improvements to the Planning portal; an outage of the system is required to implement these changes. 

An upgrade of the Planning and Buildings Standards systems is planned for November this year. The upgrade will result in a number of improvements, such as making it easier to view documents, comment on planning applications and share information using social media.

The process to upgrade our systems will impact on the delivery of the service and the planning and building standards portal will be unavailable during this time. The weekly list of planning applications will not be issued and you will be unable to view and comment on applications.

The internal systems we use to manage applications will also be unavailable and staff will be unable to access planning and building standards records.

Please share this with anyone who might wish to know.

Further information will be issued in the coming weeks, including the specific dates of the downtime. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter @planningedin or subscribing to the Planning Blog 


David R Leslie
Chief Planning Officer

Place Directorate,The City of Edinburgh Council

Following further enquiries by New Town & Broughton Community Council (through Councillor Miller), we have been advised that the upgrade is expected to take place in early November (requiring a downtime of approx. one full week); but the precise date and duration will be confirmed in mid-October.

We have also been advised that the downtime of the planning portal will also impact the Development Management Sub Committee timetable and agendas, with the weekly list of planning applications including newly submitted applications and decisions to be issued once the system is back online. Planning decisions will not be issued during the period of downtime. Furthermore, as we had requested, additional time will be given to comment on applications affected by this planned downtime.

We are expecting further communication from CEC regarding precise dates as soon as their provider informs them.

In general, NTBCC have expressed support for necessary improvements to the planning portal but we are unsure as to either the extent of consultation (& comments received) or the precise weaknesses that this initiative is trying to tackle.

We have also requested further details on the improvements to be incorporated as although the email mentions ‘making it easier to view documents’ – which we would support – we are unclear how this is to be achieved. Improvements to  ‘comment(ing) on planning applications’ is also stated, but again with  no details as to what these may be. We have highlighted drawbacks with the current system that we are aware of (which include the limit on number of words permitted, problems due to the time-out (if typing directly online vs. copy/paste) & the inability to attach images, JPEGs etc.

More information will be posted when we receive further details.


Stead’s Place: LCCC planning objections submitted

(with thanks to LCCC member Julian Siann for the following. Formatting was added by LCCC webmaster.)

Leith Central CC has submitted the following objections to the Stead’s Place planning applications, namely

(Click the above links to go to the relevant CEC planning portal page.)

Continue reading