Playing Out is a pilot scheme that lets you close your street for free to run children’s play events. It runs from 1 April to 31 August 2017. Applications are now open.

Download the Playing Out guidelines (PDF, 474 KB) to closing your street for a play event below.  Please note the 6 week notice period may be reduced slightly for closures during the April school holiday.

See CEC website for more detail.

Stakeholder Update 99. Weekly lookahead: Proposed works w/c 19th June 2017

(adapted from an email from Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend, send on 2017_06_16 at 15:27)

Dear Stakeholder

I refer to the general update communication issued yesterday, and note below details of specific works that will be undertaken and associated works locations during the course of next week:

  • Reinstate cycleway surfacing, footpath slabbing and kerbs at Albert Place, outside Sainsburys
  • Continuing the cyclepath at Croall Place (East side of Leith Walk) to then be used for pedestrian footway, allowing slabbing to continue at this location
  • Complete the cyclepath surfacing at Croall Place (West side of Leith Walk) up to McDonald Road to be used as a pedestrian walkway
  • Complete slabbing outside the library corner of McDonald Road/Leith Walk
  • Brunswick Street to close on Monday 19th June to allow kerb realignment and slabbing to commence
  • Road crossings excavations on the southbound carriageway from Wednesday 20th June

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Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 98: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road)

(adapted from an email from Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend at 14:57 on 2017_06_15.)

Dear Stakeholder

Firstly, please click here to access a FAQ sheet distributed at the Open Evening held last night at the McDonald Road library for your information. We continue to work with Crummock to try and minimise the disruption caused by the Land Engineering administration.  Once we have finalised the re-programming of the Works with Crummock we will issue a further communication setting out revised project timescales.

This update is to specifically confirm that Brunswick Street will close as of Monday 19th June for a period of 6 weeks to complete critical works at the junction with Leith Walk.  Local diversions will be in place for vehicles and pedestrian access will be maintained.

We have also directed the Contractor to recommence works within the McDonald Road/Brunswick Road junction starting next week to allow the scope of works within the areas of the road closures to progress.

More generally, footpath and cycleway works will continue at Albert Place / Brunswick Place, and slab laying will continue outside the library.  Following drainage works, we will also now be able to reinstate the footpath and cyclepath directly outside Sainsburys, just south of Middlefield, and this work will be started in the early part of next week.  This ultimately allows for the completion of the pedestrian crossing at this location across to Albert Place.

As part of an overall review of communications between the council and the affected stakeholders, we intend to issue a weekly update at the end of each week providing a lookahead of the works proposed to take place the following week, and the locations in which the contractor will be working.

Should you have any queries in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards

Michael Motion
Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend
Osborne House, 1 Osborne Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HG
t: +44 (0) 131 347 3400 | m: +44 (0) 7734 494607 | |

Leith Walk works: informal drop-in event on Wednesday 14th June

(adapted from an email from Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend)

Further to the events of last week, in regards to the administration of the previous Leith Programme Phase 4 Contractor, and the re-commencement of works on Monday 5th June, we intend to hold an informal drop-in event on Wednesday 14th June, commencing from 5pm – 7pm to provide any further information we can regarding the current contractor situation, the progress on site and to answer any general queries with regards to the Leith Programme Phase 4 project.

This will be held within the Learning Centre room at the McDonald Road Library.

We hope to see you there.

Kind regards

Michael Motion
Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend

Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 97: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road)

(adapted from an email from Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend at 12:19 on 2017_06_02. 

Having received the latest update, LCCC has sought confirmation that Crummock will be using the compound in Iona Street and the stock stored there. This would make it easier to continue works already underway and save time ordering stock.

We also asked whether the sub-contractor who looks after Phase 4 traffic signage will work under Crummock’s direction and deal with current signage (and fencing/barrier) issues today. 

We will relay any answers as we receive them.)

Dear Stakeholder

We refer to our communication yesterday regarding the Leith Programme contractor being put into administration.

We have now completed an options appraisal and identified an interim way forward that will ensure work re-commences on Monday 5th June. The works will be carried out by a Council framework contractor, Crummock (Scotland) Limited, and will concentrate, in the first instance, in the work sites that are currently partially complete.

As you will appreciate, we are dealing with a complex situation but feel we have reacted as quickly as possible to maintain momentum on the project. We will of course keep you updated as more detailed plans emerge.

Thank you for patience in this matter.


Michael Motion
Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend

Leith Central Community Council: ‘shocked by new hold up to long-overdue Leith Walk repair works’

Statement for immediate release

The email announcing that the contractor for the current phase of the Leith Walk repair works (Iona Street to Brunswick Street) has gone into administration came yesterday late afternoon.

There have been indications for a while that work had slowed down, but this latest development has come as a complete shock. We are seeking urgent clarification on how this will impact on the current work sites in various states of completion south of Pilrig Street and the Iona Street compound, and – most importantly – on the overall progress of getting the Leith Walk works completed all the way to Picardy Place roundabout.

We understand that prior to the contract being awarded comprehensive assessments of the contractor’s financial stability were obtained by the Council. This being so, this would be the first time in the 10 year saga of Leith Walk on/off repairs that the Council does not have to shoulder the blame for the delays and costs that no doubt will come in the wake of this latest development.

Whether there will be further reputational damage will depend entirely on how quickly this situation is recovered, and the relevant clauses in the contract:

  • Is there a sufficiently sized performance bond in place, shielding the project from any financial fallout?
  • Is the works documentation up to date, to allow work to be picked up smoothly by replacement contractors?
  • If the works do not continue in the immediate future with a new contractor and complete before the summer break as planned, will residents and businesses be compensated?
  • Will the various work sites be supervised and protected adequately in the meantime?
  • Will the snagging of the completed works around Pilrig Street be addressed promptly to restore confidence?

It has been said that one should ‘never let a crisis go to waste’. Is this the wake up call that was needed to make the reinstatement of one of Edinburgh’s top three streets a top Council priority?

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St James Quarter development’s affect on Leith Walk – hear all about it.

Leith Central CC is happy to announce that its AGM will be enhanced by a presentation by Martin Perry, Director of Development THRE (developers of the St James Quarter) on St James Quarter and associated works: impact on Leith Walk and mitigating measures.

The meeting starts at 7pm on Monday 22nd May, at McDonald Rd Library. Other items include

  • reports from the Leith Community Police Team
  • a welcome to our new Edinburgh Councillors

Everyone is welcome.