Communications and co-operation


Jack Caldwell, Sheila Kennedy, Bruce Ryan, Amy Woodgate



  1. The primary goal of the group is to ensure as many people as possible in our area know who we (Leith Central Community Council) are, what we do and what we can offer.
  2. The secondary goal of the group is to ensure that community councillors can efficiently put their voices across, and weigh into issues with both a degree of autonomy as well as unity.

Practical priorities

  • Get an active Facebook page up and running in parallel with Twitter.
  • Publish more original content, in the forms of statements regarding local issues.
  • Assist with the timely creation of the monthly agenda, and help facilitate a flexible agenda.
  • Create a nice looking display in the noticeboard.
    • Ensure the next six approved meeting dates are always in the notice-board
  • Create a photo archive of areas throughout the ward we can use any time.
  • Summarise what we do in two or three bullet points (our main strengths)
  • Attach profile photographs to the exec page on
  • Ensure we have a system which gives working groups autonomy to make statements while retaining a consensus with the Community Council.
  • Explore better methods of co-operation with two neighbouring Leith Community Councils (Leith Links and Leith Harbour & Newhaven respectively), and reach out to community groups, pressure groups and other organisations.
  • Ensure our mailing list(s) are merged together under the Mailchimp management programme and that our list is GPDR data compliant going into 2018.