LCCC members

Here’s who we are and how to contact us:

Email secretary.lccc@leithcentralcc.co.uk
Post 28 Pilrig Street, Edinburgh EH6 5AJ
Twitter @leithcentralcc
Facebook fb.me/leithcentralcc


Office-bearers were elected to those roles at the AGM on 22 May 2017.
Chair Charlotte Encombe chair.lccc
Vice-chair Harald Tobermann planning.lccc
Secretary Sheila Kennedy secretary.lccc
Treasurer Lorraine Moore treasurer.lccc
Other elected members
All LCCC members (including office-bearers) were elected in October 2016, except Clara Boeker and John Wilkinson, who were co-opted on 17 September 2018.
Clara Boeker ccNoPic John Hein ccJohn
Jack Caldwell ccJack Iona McLeod cciona
Roberto Colasuonno Damian Sefton ccDamian
Alan Dudley ccAlan Julian Siann ccJulian
Jeremy Darot ccNoPic John Wilkinson ccJohnM
Darius Garab resigned in January 2018 after moving out of LCCC’s area. Katherine Chisholm, Andrew Harlick and Gavin Rankin resigned in July 2018.
Nominated groups (and their representatives)
Friends of Pilrig Park ccPilrigPark Friends of Montgomery Street Park
(Nick Gardner)
Associate and ex-officio members
Bruce Ryan
(minutes secretary, web-weaver)
Ben Macpherson MSP
Cllr Marion Donaldson
Cllr Amy Mcneese-Mechan
Deidre Brock MP
Cllr Susan Rae
Cllr Lewis Ritchie
(These cllrs represent Leith Walk ward.)

Members are usually elected every 3 or 4 years, but individuals who demonstrate a commitment or have a local knowledge or expertise can be co-opted between elections.  If you would like to become a member then please contact us at contact@leithcentralcc.co.uk.

The Community Council is made up of local people who have the support of at least two of their neighbours and are willing to regularly attend the monthly meetings. If you would like to become a Community Council member, you can find more information here.

In addition  local groups can be co-opted onto the council.  The following groups are currently represented: Friends of Pilrig Park.

LCCC area map

This map shows the area covered by Leith Central Community Council. If your street is not inside the yellow area below then you need to find the community council that operates in your geographical area. Click here to see a list of Edinburgh community councils.


Click here to see all Edinburgh CC boundaries.