Boundary Changes between Silverfields site and Pilrig Park

LCCC has received the following drawings and information from the developer via Friends of Pilrig Park.

Click the thumbnail images to open full-sized PDFs:

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsArchitects4 - Site LayoutA 02 01 L A02 01 L (1)

A 02 01 M

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsArchitects5 - Site Specific House-typesPlanningBoundary TreatmentsB

Boundary Treatments A09 01

C:UsersfbradyDesktopE10195~1001_1_J A3 (1)

Footpath temporary measures plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsEngineers9. Inhouse DesignsSK1 Footpath Remedials A0 (1)

SK1 Footpath Remedials

streetlight brochure

streetlight brochure

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Friends of Pilrig Park – upcoming events

(adapted from an email from Friends of Pilrig park)

AGM Monday 12th October (McDonald Rd Library)

The Friends of Pilrig Park will be holding a Public Meeting along with our AGM on Monday 12th October from 6.30-8.00pm at the Nelson Hall in McDonald Road Library.
If you can spare the time please do come along and share your thoughts and ideas about the park.  If you can’t make it along on the evening but have some ideas regarding park improvements please email them through by Friday 9th October.  Click the links for the minutes from the last meeting, an agenda for the AGM and a poster about the AGM. Continue reading