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Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 1 November 2018

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, held in Leith Community Education Centre on Thursday 01 November at 5:30pm

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Trams to Newhaven: Notification of First Round of Public Consultation

(The following is reproduced verbatim from an email from Edinburgh Council, via newhaven.tram@edinburgh.gov.uk, for information only. It does not represent LCCC’s policy in any way.)

Beginning 19 March, the City of Edinburgh Council will undertake six weeks of public consultation and engagement on taking Edinburgh Trams to Newhaven. This will provide the public, local business and stakeholders with general information on the project, specific details around traffic management during construction and the proposed permanent design. We will also outline our current proposals on how we aim to support local business during the construction period.

During consultation your views will be sought on traffic management and phasing. This includes proposals for the closure of Leith Walk to all northbound traffic, with a single city-bound lane remaining open and the phased closure and reopening of Constitution Street. Work in these areas is expected to last for up to 18 months. Continue reading

Please vote for the Leith Greenspace Feasibility Study and Masterplan


As I’m sure everyone who came to the Leith Chooses event last Saturday will agree, the event was a great success. Despite the challenging weather conditions, almost all of the groups managed to be there as well as hundreds of Leithers who casted their votes for the projects of their choice.

As you may know, Leith Central Community Council joined forces with Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council to put in a funding bid for a Feasibility Study and Masterplan for Leith’s unloved green spaces.

To have a chance of actually getting this project funding we need your votes!  And you can vote until 17 March 5pm.

There are two ways of voting. Either way you will need an access code and password. You can vote if you live or work in Leith, belong to a Leith-based group and/or volunteer in Leith.

From now until 17 March you can pick up cards with the necessary information at the Leith and McDonald Road libraries as well as the Kirkgate Community Centre. Once you have the information, all you need to do is go to the LeithChooses website and click on the Vote Here button.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.55.13

Look for the ‘Vote Here’ image

You can then cast 4 votes in each of the three categories. Our project is in the Large Grant category. You must cast all 12 votes to complete the process.

You can also request a code and password online by emailing your full name, address AND postcode to leithchooses@edinburgh.gov.uk. If you belong to a group, mention the name, address and postcode of that group. From there on the process is the same: once you have the information, all you need to do is go to the LeithChooses website and click on the Vote Here button, cast 4 votes in each of the three categories and don’t forget to vote for our project in the Large Grant category.  You must cast all 12 votes to complete the process.

Happy Voting!


Greenspace Masterplan and Feasibility Study – Leith Chooses Application for Funding

There are many small pockets of public land in Leith, currently barely fit for purpose, that could become desirable green spaces. Leith Central Community Council have joined up with Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council to make a bid for funding that could make this happen. We want to create a master plan for all of Leith’s greenspaces so that they can be adopted by the City of Edinburgh Council and their existence as green lungs for Leith ensured for the future.

If LCCC and LHNCC get funding we will search out those spaces to improve, some of which have already been earmarked by the public through a series of consultations and workshops by Leith Creative.  We will also take forward the comments from the 3000 individuals that took part.   Around one third made made clear their wish to improve greenspace in Leith.  These were some of their suggestions:

  • Form a green network in Leith connecting clean green spaces and waterways.
  • Improve the maintenance of the cycle path network. More green space management, more    bins.
  • Invest in smaller green spaces in Leith.
  • Designated ‘dog areas’ in larger parks, separate from children’s play areas.
  • Form a green network in Leith connecting clean green spaces and 
  • Improve the maintenance of the cycle path network.

To have a chance of winning this funding we need as many of your votes as possible. The best way is to come to the Leith Chooses Event on Saturday 3 March at the Kirkgate 12noon to 3pm.

Am I eligible to vote?
• Anyone 8 years old or over, and you live, work, study or volunteer in Leith, can vote. This includes areas of Broughton, Bonnington, Bellevue, Abbeyhill and Newhaven. Your address/postcode will be checked.
• Visit Leith Chooses for more details and to view the map.

How do I Vote?
• Come along on Saturday 3rd March to the Leith Community Centre, 42 New Kirkgate, Leith, EH6 6AD and vote in person between 12pm-3pm.
• There will be FREE food and refreshments, face-painting, glitter tattoos and balloon modelling.  You can meet the applicants, hear/chat informally about all the great projects on offer, and then cast your votes for your favourites.  If you come along and vote in person, you also get a bonus online vote.

How will voting be done?

Everyone will vote three times – once each for the three different grant pots; small, medium and large. (The small, medium and large projects will be grouped together in three separate rooms.) Our project is in the large category.  You will just cast four votes per room, by ‘posting’ coloured vote cards for your favourite projects in that room. You can only vote once for any one particular project.
Online Voting
If you can’t get to the Voting Day social event, you can vote online, from 3 -10 March.  You can browse online, but in order to actually vote, you need to log in with a unique voter Access Code, which you can get from Leith Library, MacDonald Road Library, or from any of the Leith Chooses team (who will be out and about all week in various locations and also at Voter Support Sessions, see below).

Week beginning 5th March 2018, voter support sessions will be held as follows:
Mondays: Leith Library, Ferry Road, 12-2 pm and 5-7 pm
Tuesdays; MacDonald Road Library, 12-2 pm and 5-7 pm
Wednesdays; Leith Community Centre, 12-8 pm (Cafe)
Friday and Weekend – out and about around Leith (details later)

If you can’t get hold of an Access Code that way, you can email in and be issued (but not quite immediately) with an Access Code. The email address will not be live until voting opens on 3rd March.
Email:  leithchooses@edinburgh.gov.uk
Can Leith Chooses help you?
If you are unable to attend the Voting Day in person, or can’t easily vote online for whatever reason, Leith Chooses are very happy to do whatever they can to help you to vote. Please just get in touch as soon as possible, explain your situation and they’ll try and find a solution. You are most welcome to email with any queries you may have: contact@Leith Chooses