Community Council elections: forms and posters

Nominations for CC elections open tomorrow, Monday 5 September.

Anyone on the voters register living in the LCCC area can be nominated as an ‘Elected Representative’; using the relevant form. Registered Community Groups put themselves forward as potential ‘Nominated Representative’ on LCCC.

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Diversity in Community Councils’ work

(Adapted from a post on Tower Wharf Residents’ Association‘s website)

Community Council elections start on Monday, 5th September. Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC) has organised a workshop on Wednesday, 7th September (6pm to 8:30pm) followed by drop-sessions to encourage members of Edinburgh’s ethnic population to become involved with their local community councils. Community Councils are for everyone and Leith Central CC would welcome new applications to become a CC for our area. Nominations open on Monday, 5th September and forms can be obtained from the returning officer, Cllr Lewis Richie (email  or downloaded from Edinburgh Council’s website from next week.


Get involved! Community Council elections in Autumn 2016

This could be your opportunity to join a thriving group of local representatives and have a direct influence on local matters.

There are elections for all Edinburgh community councils this autumn. All current members will stand down – they are of course eligible for re-election.

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new LCCC members

Following their nomination for Leith Central Community Council, the Returning Officer, Cllr Angela Blacklock, has declared the following candidates elected to Leith Central Community Council. According to the current Scheme for Community Councils, it was not necessary to hold a contested election, as there have been fewer candidates than available places.

  • Jeremy Darot
  • Roberto Colasuonno
  • Stanley Eadie
  • Lorraine Moore
  • Michael Pisanek
  • Katherine Chisholm

Following this interim election process, brought about by a number of resignations and one sad death, Leith Central Community Council is now once again fully quorate with a voting membership of 14. This is expected to rise to 15, once the paperwork for one of the local interest groups that provide a ‘nominated representative’ has been completed.