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Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 105: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road) – Weekly lookahead (w/c Monday 31st July 2017)

(adapted from an email sent by Steven Jackson, Associate Director, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend, at 11:25 on 2017_07_28)

Following work completed to date we are targeting completing all pre embargo works and removing traffic management on Monday 31st July. Continue reading

Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 104: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road) Weekly lookahead (w/c Monday 24th July 2017)

(adapted from an email sent by Steven Jackson, Associate Director, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend, at 14:57 on 2017_07_21)


With regards to the works and worksite locations for next week, these have been specified and set as the following:

  • Paving from Croall Place N/W corner to Shrub Place Lane set to continue and be completed by mid-next week.
  • Paving towards corner of Brunswick Street set to be completed on this coming Saturday (22nd July).
  • Taring of footway with corduroy paving slabs on Albert Place to begin next week and be completed by Friday 28th July.
  • Taring and slabbing of tactile paving set to begin next Tuesday on corner that meets Elm Row with Brunswick Street. To be finished by Friday 28th July.
  • Slabbing at bus stop shelter on Crighton Place to begin next week and be finished by Friday 28th July. Small section of slabbing on opposite side of the road also to be complete with regards to the same timeframe.
  • Traffic Management plan to be put in place next week allowing for completion of road markings at McDonald Road junction. Road markings to be finished Friday 28th July.
  • Road crossing islands (All three at McDonald Road junction and Albert Street junction) to be completed by Monday 24th July.
  • Taring and completion of curbing at Iona St as well as junction road markings to be done and completed on Friday 28th July.

Again, we remain on target to have completed our works, allowing the McDonald Road/Brunswick Road to re-open for the Edinburgh Festival embargo, and for all worksite boundary fencing to be removed off site, by the end of July.  For the safety of re-opening the junction, we are planning to do this as of Monday 31st July, as opposed to the previous Friday, 28th July.

Further to this, the demobilisation of the Iona Street compound will commence as of Monday 31st July, with the compound off site entirely by Friday 4th August.  At this time, the prohibition on entry to Iona Street from Leith Walk will be in place.

Should you have queries, or require any further information, in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me direct or by using leith.programme@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Kind regards

Steven Jackson, Associate Director, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend
Osborne House, 1 Osborne Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HG
t: +44 (0) 131 347 3400 | m: +44 (0) 7764 443028 | www.turnerandtownsend.com

Leith Walk patching update – Week 6

(Adapted from an email sent to cllr Nick Gardner at 01:37 on 2016_11_25.)

This is the sixth and final update on the patching works for Leith Walk.

Resurfacing works will finish tonight and  have completed sections 2,3,4,5,6 and 7.

Due to a combination of Scottish Gas Networks (SGN) continuing presence on Section 1 (Brunswick Street and Montgomery Street) and proposed excavation works at the junction of Annandale Street due to take place in February/March 2017, surfacing was not possible in Section 1 and at the junction of Annandale Street. These works will require to be carried out after SGN have vacated the site and once the excavation works are completed.

As such the works are now concluded and the area has now been passed back to the City Centre Roads team based at 329 High Street.

Through the course of the works (Sunday 23rd October to Friday the 25th November) we have been able to deliver approximately 3000 m2 of carriageway patching in a five week period averaging over 120 m2 per night through areas requiring intensive and challenging traffic management set-ups.

I have attached a couple of photographs of the site before and after to give some indication of the end result of the works.

(Please note that these images were supplied at very low resolution.) 

Gayfield Place at the junction with Gayfield Square
by-gayfield-sq-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-beforebefore by-gayfield-sq-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-afterafter
Elm Row looking south from Montgomery Street junction
by-elm-row-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-beforebefore by-elm-row-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-afterafter
Haddington Place bus stop
by-haddington-place-leith-walk-patching-contract-s2-beforebefore by-haddington-place-leith-walk-patching-contract-s2-afterafter

Application for Second Hand Dealers License

Click the graphic to download the full application:
New civic notice

Anyone wishing to object to the grant of a licence must lodge a written objection or representation specifying the grounds of the objection or the nature of the representation with the Council Solicitor, City of Edinburgh Council, Licensing Service, 249 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ, by 11 February 2016.