LCCC May 2021 minutes

Minutes of Leith Central Community Council ordinary meeting, held via
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Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 19 August 2021

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting (Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 19 August 2021 at 5:30pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ‘TT’ means ‘Trams Team’. Names are sometimes abbreviated to initials.

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Update on Lorne Street works

From Trams to Newhaven (received mid-day on 12 August):

The installation of the attenuation pipes have been completed up to the junction of Leith Walk however we will be unable to reinstate and re-open the road until the evening of Wednesday 25 August 2021.  

This is due to a mechanical fault with the machine that completes the reinstatement works. We had hoped to have the road re-opened for the start of the new term on 18 August 2021. We have made contact with the school to advise them of this and we will highlight this in the fortnightly newsletter that goes out tomorrow.

In summary, the road will remain closed until the evening of Wednesday 25 August 2021 and there will be no works on site from w/c 16 August 2021 with reinstatement works commencing on Monday 23 August for approximately three days.  Reinstatement works will be between the hours of 09:00 to 15:00 each day to minimise site vehicle movement during school peak hours.  

Edinburgh’s new Low Emission Zone: Public Consultation now open

Transport Scotland have a consultation running on Edinburgh Council’s proposed Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The current proposed boundaries begin at Leith Street / Picardy Place / Greenside and extends south to The Meadows. Although none of Leith Central Community Council’s area are directly in the zone, there will likely be an impact.

Flyer from ‘Low Emission Zones Scotland’ – Edinburgh’s proposed LEZ would begin in June 2024.

Leith Central Community Council are currently listening to residents in the area and may respond accordingly before the close date in Septmeber 2021.

The proposed plans for Edinburgh could see the city introduce an LEZ in spring 2022, with enforcement expected to begin in June 2024.

As you may be aware, Edinburgh is one of four cities in Scotland where LEZ plans are being progressed. They include Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow.

Aimed at improving air quality and protecting public health, Scotland’s LEZ plans set emission standards on certain road spaces and restrict access for the most polluting vehicles. They also support the country’s wider climate change ambitions by encouraging people to think about active travel and using more sustainable transport options.

While Scotland’s air quality is generally good, road transport is a key contributor to the number of polluted hotspots that remain which is why progressing the country’s LEZs continues to be a top priority to help reduce the major impact that air pollution has on people’s health.

Further details about Edinburgh’s LEZ plans and how people can comment are available via the Edinburgh City Council links below:

Edinburgh LEZ plans – Edinburgh’s Low Emission Zone – Edinburgh City Council.

Public consultation – Edinburgh Low Emission Zone Consultation.