Waste services update

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council Waste Services to LCCC’s vice-chair)

Thank you for taking the time to write and to acknowledge the efforts of the Department to maintain a degree of normality for the majority of the services. There are a number of factors which have influenced where we currently find ourselves. Crews have obviously had to adapt to the way we collect (physical distancing in the workplace), less traffic will certainly have contributed positively, and of course less people being on the streets generally means less litter and areas that have been cleaned tend to last a little bit longer before their next clean is required.

We have seen less general waste collected from April into May but this does tend to fluctuate quite dramatically under normal circumstances anyway. Volumes of mixed recycling have increased as you can probably imagine given people are consuming more at home. Since we reintroduced glass collections we have been collecting significant volumes which is understandable given the service being suspended but equally I believe alcohol sales have increased by around 30% so I think increased tonnage of glass will endure for a few weeks yet.

We’ve obviously worked hard to get garden waste collections reinstated as quickly as we felt possible. In the first week of collections we collected around 1000 tonnes which compares to 3000 tonnes in total for all of May ’19.

The service was suspended for 5 weeks which means some customers missed two uplifts and others missed three. We will extend the permit ‘season’ to compensate customers for the service suspension.

Best regards

Andy Williams  Waste & Cleansing Service Manager
Waste and Cleansing Services | Place Directorate | The City of Edinburgh Council
A: Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG | T: 0131 469 5660 | M: 07725 642822 | E: andy.williams@edinburgh.gov.uk


Where to get help with your gas and electricity concerns

(adapted from an email from Changeworks)

‘As we continue to adjust to Covid-19 we’re all spending more time at home and using more energy than normal. Many households are experiencing financial strain and will be worried about the effect this will have on their energy bills.

Whilst Changeworks is unable to provide face to face outreach services to support people looking for energy and fuel billing/debt advice, we are still here to help. We’ve teamed up with SGN to produce a series of short films providing advice and support on managing energy use and where to get help with heating and electricity concerns.

Our first video – where to get help with your gas and electricity concerns – is now live on YouTube.

Handy links can be found here:

We’ll be publishing three more videos over the next few weeks and we’ll be in touch to share these with you too.

You can also still refer households you think would benefit from energy advice and fuel billing/debt support.

Our response to the Leith Walk/Halmyre Street consultation

The site between Leith Walk and Halmyre Street has had its consultation extended until 1st June 2020.

Before we submit the below views, we want to hear yours. Please fill in this 30-second form and let Leith Central Community Council know what you would like included in our response.

We urge all local residents and businesses to to take part in potentially shaping the future of the site either by filling in the above form or on edinburgh.gov.uk.

Place Brief for the site between Leith Walk & Halmyre Street

Leith Central Community Council consultation response

(15-02-20, P. Forissier / H. Tobermann)


On 11 March 2019, LCCC called for formal planning guidance from CEC for the sites on both sides of lower Leith Walk (“Stead’s Place” and the site opposite, framed by Leith Walk at the old tram depot site to Manderston and Halmyre). On 25 March 2019, Neil Gardiner, CEC’s Planning Convener, responded: “There is considerable merit in your suggestion to prepare guidance in relation to the Stead’s Place site and also cover neighbouring development opportunities, for example land on the opposite side of Leith Walk. The preparation of a Place Brief would provide the opportunity for the local community to come together with landowners/ developers to discuss development options, aspirations and concerns across a number ofdevelopment sites.”

In early 2020, CEC started work on a Place Brief for the area between Leith Walk and Halmyre Street in the form public workshops and an online consultation.
Key elements and characteristics of the emerging Place Bief.

In view of the prominent location of both sites – east and west of Leith Walk, between Stead’s Place and Jane Street, and Manderson Street, Halmyre Street Smith Place respectively – Leith Central Community Council welcomes a Place Brief that guides future development in this area in a way that is sensitive to the surrounding urban fabric that is home and workplace of a strong community. Leith Central Community Council is conscious that the latter is vital to sustain the existing high density of the area. Given the size of both sites, insensitive or inappropriate “insertions” would undermine this strength and should therefore be ruled out by the Place Brief.

At the same time, the Place Brief is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve East-West and North-South permeability and to provide a step-change in health provision and much needed social and truly affordable housing.

The following elements should be part of the Place Brief

  1. Manderston Street and its railway arches should be part of the Brief, as well as former Tram Depot office building (165 Leith Walk) and the “Stead’s Place” shop frontage with the warehouses behind.
  2. The effects of any future development on the Conservation Area and all listed buildings surrounding the site should be acknowledged. In particular, the 2-storey “Stead’s Place” shop frontage needs to be a key element of any future development, as acknowledged by the DPEA appeal decision.
  3. The provision for truly affordable housing for rent and to buy, including social and council housing, should be made a priority to tackle homlessness and overcrowding.
  4. This part of Leith has an active local economy giving opportunities to access good quality work. A mixture of affordable residential, industrial, commercial and retail options is essential to protect a vibrant and lively Leith Walk as a place where people live and work.
  5. High quality pedestrian, and where possible, cycle routes through both sites – both north-south and east-west – should be designed in from the outset.
  6. Recognising the existing diversity of uses, there should be no single dominant use.
  7. Sensitive and diverse architectural styles should be at the heart of the future design.
  8. No overly massive design should be allowed; scale and density must be in tune with existingbuildings surrounding the sites.
  9. Considering the size of the site, the future developments should create an attractive series of places rather than one place.
  10. Design features should complement existing styles while contributing to the existing eclectic character of this part of Leith Walk.
  11. Outstanding precedents like the award winning Goldsmith Street in Norwich and Leith Fort should inspire the Place Brief.
  12. The inclusion of significant greenspace should be an essential part of the Place Brief.
  13. Developer’s contributions should be ring fenced for community agreed projects.
  14. Cultural and social spaces should be considered a priority for future community development.
  15. There is a range of spaces and opportunities to meet for the elderly and vulnerable people but many are at risk, like the Bingo Hall.
  16. Serious consideration needs to be given to the relocation of the outdated NHS facilities at Allander and Inchkeith House to a purpose-built health centre on the West side with “walk-in” access through one of the retained shop frontages. The existing – refurbished – buildings would lend themselves to retail or community use at ground level with residential accommodation above.

Please fill in this 30-second form and let Leith Central Community Council know your thoughts about our response.

Easter Road considered for footpath widening

The City of Edinburgh Council have indicated that Easter Road along with streets across the capital have been shortlisted to recieve widend pavements to help facilitate social-distancing if councillors approve the ‘Creating Safe Spaces for Walking and Cycling‘ (PDF link) report.

The report also proposes citywide measures, most notably reducing waits between Green Men at traffic lights.

It does not detail the exact nature of the possible pavement extension.

The webcast will take place on Thursday 14th May and may be viewed on edinburgh.gov.uk.

If you wish to feed back to your local Leith Walk councillors before then, please see our ‘About’ page for their (and our) email addresses.

Update on LCCC activities during lockdown

You may see this content twice close together: it is also in a stick post (one that remains near the top of the website) as well as this normal post. This normal post will be pushed down and out of site as new normal posts are added.

Following guidance from the City of Edinburgh Council, Leith Central Community Council is not holding any public meetings during May and June.
LCCC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been provisionally postponed until July 20th 2020.
As the majority of transport, planning and other developments have been postponed, and effective consultations are not possible via fully digital methods, the committee members have agreed to postpone all public meetings until further notice. Any decisions that cannot be postponed, and hence are made via email, video-meetings etc, will be ratified at a future, properly-convened public meeting.
We will continue to review the situation and work within the guidance outlined by our partners in the City of Edinburgh Council, the Scottish Government and the UK Government.
Leith Central Community Council intends to continue representing our communities as much as possible, and our website will continue to receive updates.
If you have any questions about the LCCC or related issues, please contact us using the email addresses below:

Trams to Newhaven: April newsletter released

Edinburgh Council’s Trams to Newhaven team have released their latest newsletter. Visit edinburgh.gov.uk/tramstonewhaven for updates directly from them.

Construction work shuts down
Construction on Edinburgh’s Trams to Newhaven project is on hold to protect the safety of workers and residents during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

The project will follow guidance from the Scottish Government as to when works can recommence.

The existing traffic management on Constitution Street, Lindsay Road and Ocean Drive remains in place.

The construction sites are inspected daily to ensure they are safe and secure and emergency services have access to all sites at all times in the event they require it.

Work on the project which can be done remotely is continuing,

The contact centre remains operational for any queries.

Please refer to the project website for updated FAQs.

Bus Diversions 

Please check the Lothian Buses website or Transport for Edinburgh App for details of bus services.

Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council Advice 
This week, the City of Edinburgh Council highlighted some tips and guidance on well-being during COVID-19.

Please follow the guidelines that the Scottish Government have issued which you can read here and be safe.

Please find below some further links from the City of Edinburgh Council’s website that you may find useful.

Our latest guidance for businesses
Childcare arrangements for key workers
Homelessness services
Parks and Greenspaces guidance
Council Tax and Benefits phone services

Community Benefits
Construction works may have been temporarily suspended  on the project during COVID-19 but our contractors SFN and MUS have been working behind the scenes by reaching out to communities to offer support and assistance where required.
SFN donated some of the vital items that frontline workers require during these challenging times.
City of Edinburgh Council Housing services was just one of the requests that they responded too as they were experiencing a shortage in disposable gloves.  They were more that happy to offer further assistance and supplied them with this much needed resources to ensure that housing repair operatives could continue carrying out essential repairs to tenant’s home throughout the locality.

Bring your Child to Work Day – Home Edition
On Thursday 23rd April 2020 our project team got involved in Bring your Child to Work Day.  This is hosted by Developing the Young Workforce, who are responsible for driving the Scottish Government’s Youth Employment Strategy, which helps to better prepare young people for the world of work.

This campaign – #DYWChildtowork Day is all about inspiring and attracting young people in to the industry.  We got involved by getting some of our team members children experience a day in the world of construction.

Please follow us @TramstoNewhaven to meet our newest recruits!

Find out more and get support

For further information on the project please visit our website where you can find a range of FAQs. Alternatively, you can contact us via email or by telephone on 0131 322 1122. We’re available from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

Edinburgh Council interactive map of COVID-19 services

Click this link (https://edinburghcouncil.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3f516cd826d04c76ad3e93d41be48341) to see mapped information on

  • Crisis Support
  • Financial Assistance/Benefits Advice
  • Food Bank
  • Food Shopping/Delivery
  • Hot Meals
  • Multiple Services
  • Online Support/Advice
  • Other
  • Phoneline
  • Reducing Social Isolation

We are not aware of how often the mapped information is updated, or when it was last updated. So please be careful!

Edinburgh Council Planning Service Update: 24 April 2020

Following on from this information about the SG’s planning guidance on pre-applications, Edinburgh Council’s planning department has emailed community councils about how it is changing services in response to coronavirus.

Dear Community Councillors

We are writing to make you aware of a recent change to our service.

We are adapting our service so that we can support communities and businesses across Edinburgh through this difficult time. Our aim is to boost online public input to planning processes so that we can make and issue decisions which will both help with a swift recovery and a positive future for the city.  To do this we have introduced ways for people to stay informed and comment on planning proposals despite the coronavirus lockdown.

We are now:

  • Starting our publication of applications that we have received since the lockdown commenced in March.
  • Issuing neighbour notification letters by post, with the planning portal open for comments to be made on applications.

Continue reading

What’s happening with £eithChooses projects?

(copied from a post on LeithChooses website)

The £eith Chooses team is of course very aware that normal service delivery and activities have been massively disrupted, for everybody. We have contacted all the community groups that won £eith Chooses grant funding awards in February 2020, to say that we would like to help in whatever way we can.

We understand that some organisations may not be able to deliver their project exactly when and how they had planned to, and that some really creative conversations will take place about possible /necessary adaptations.

We have allocated a named volunteer from the £eith Chooses Steering Group to link supportively with each project group, to join conversations about the direction groups feel they can safely take with their project, to reach the most vulnerable members of our community..
We are hoping that all groups can agree a plan before / by 28 June about how they will be able to use the funding within the spirit of the original agreement.
For example, project groups may aim to –

  • Stick pretty much to the original idea but tweak the delivery methods e.g. food going out to people rather than people coming to gatherings for food.
  • Deliver the original project idea but with a later start date (probably affecting the finish date).
  • Re-prioritise / redesign their original plan and suggest a new project idea that combats social isolation or food poverty right now, in this Covid-19 crisis.

Hopefully groups will not feel that their project cannot be rescheduled or tweaked or revamped in some way and want to return the funding.

Meanwhile, thanks and best wishes to all groups for everything they are doing in Leith

Pilmeny Development Project: alternative service provision during COVID-19

Pilmeny Development Project (PDP) is offering a range of alternative service provision during COVID-19 for local people. Its referral form is here as Word document(YP and Family Support) and a PDF.

Older People and Carers

  • PDP Risk Register: has been developed to indentify and prioritise older people and/or carers who may need increased levels of support
  • Telephone Befriending/contact – Regular weekly ‘Social Contact’ calls (to address social isolation and loneliness) or more often, as needed.
  • Volunteers: Recruited from within PDP & Leith Timebank to assist with practical tasks, e.g. shopping, collection of prescriptions etc
  • Provision of regular Newsletter (articles on safety and health issues, crossword, home based activity ideas, handy tips) which is posted out to older people. Many of our older folk in Leith don’t have smart phones and are not online so it is really hard for them to get information or feel in touch.
  • Partnership working: liaise with potential key partners/agencies to help with any queries or concerns raised by older people, carers or families in the course of our work.
  • Development of information and additional support: as identified by older people needs.

Children, Young People and Families

  • PDP Risk Register: Data base has been developed for young people and families
  • Telephone Contact: Regular, weekly social contact with all individual group members.Additional and more frequent calls for higher risk young people, where required.
  • ‘Virtual’ Youth clubs: Activities to do at home, Health & Wellbeing (exercise, eating, dealingwith depression), youth issues and concerns
  • Alternative plans for our ‘Virtual’ Easter holiday Playscheme developed.
  • Volunteers – to provide practical help or support with basic tasks
  • Partnership working: Liaison with potential key partners and agencies to help with anyqueries or concerns raised by young people or their families.
  • Schools Work: Regular contact between PDP and Leith Primary School, 1-1 session withpupils via Zoom. Phone calls to parents that we currently support made on a weekly basis. The young people we are currently supporting have been invited to take part in virtual youth work sessions and activity packs are delivered by hand or sent out by post.

Please note – we have a new contact number as we are working remotely – 07375 918524. We can send out referral forms, in case you know of any older folk, volunteers, children, young people or families in NE Locality you think we could support or just get in touch! Stay Safe


Anne Munro
Pilmeny Development Project
19-21 Buchanan Street
Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8SQ
PDP Mob: 07375 918524
Email: annemunro@btconnect.com www.pilmenydevelopmentproject.co.uk