Research participants (still) wanted!

Do you use social media?

Do you have an older friend or relative that uses social media?

Do you help or support another adult to use social media?

Does someone help or support you to use social media?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider taking 5 minutes to complete this short survey ( on how (and if) people help older adults to use social media.

This research is being undertaken at Edinburgh Napier University and is funded by the Carnegie Trust Foundation. (Estimated time commitment: 5 minutes.)

Also: Please do share on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anywhere else, if you can!

Earth Day events in Leith

(Adapted from a a Facebook post by Zero Waste Leith)

Let’s give Leith a spring clean to celebrate Earth Day 2019. Last year almost 400 people took part in 11 litterpicks around Leith and collected more than
half a tonne of litter from our streets. Can we break this record in 2019?

Come along to an event:

Date Events
Mon 22 April
  • Pilrig Park – Earth Week Litter Pick
  • Plogging with Boda -Earth Week Spring Clean
Fri 26 April
  • Yardheads – Earth Week Spring Clean
Sat 27 April
  • Water of Leith – Earth Week Spring Clean
  • Abbeyhill – Earth Week Spring Clean
Sun 28 April
  • Leith Links – Earth Week Litter Pick

Please contact to let them know you’re going, so they can provide enough kit.

And join us for afternoon tea following the spring clean:
Mon 22 April – Earth Day Afterparty
Sat 27 April – Earth Week Afterparty

Also organised (for specific groups):
Mon 22 April – LS Productions, Constitution St
Wed 24 April – Leith Academy litter pick

Or get in touch with Zero Waste Leith and we’ll help you organise a Earth Week litter pick on your street or in the nearby area – we can provide the
equipment! Email:

LCCC April 2019 meeting agenda

Monday, 15 April 2019 at 7pm
McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall

  1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies
      1. to note: declarations of interest in any items on the agenda
      2. to agree: order of business
      3. to agree: co-option of new Community Council member Ian Mowat
  2. Approval of Minutes of 18 March 2019 meeting
  3. Matters Arising from previous minutes (and not on agenda below)
  4. Community Police Officer’s Report
  5. Planning
    1. City Plan 2030
      1. to note: LCCC’s submission Local Development Plan Process: City Plan 2030 impact on LCCC area – “expanded statement of our thinking”
      2. to agree:to progress this through a local plan charette in August/September facilitated Duncan Bremner, Citizen Curator (proposal)
    2. to note: status of current planning applications (to 13-04-19)
    3. 19/00415/PAN (rear of 139 Leith Walk)
      1. to note: PAC events on 22 and 23 April at McDonald Road Library have been postponed for 3-4 weeks (Ross Manson 10-04-19) and that the formal submission of a detailed planning application is programmed for Autumn this year. (Ross Manson 22-03-19)
      2. to agree: pre-application consultation with LCCC in June in the preferred format (charrette) and date (as part of 17 June CC meeting)
    4. to note: any other Planning matters relevant to LCCC area
  6. Parks & Green Spaces
    1. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
    2. to note: update on Water of Leith walkway
    3. to note: update on Powderhall Green Corridor
  7. Transport & Clean Streets
    1. Tram Extension to Newhaven
      1. to note: CEC decision to go ahead with tram extension and key dates
      2. to agree: during the Early Contractor Involvement period (to October 2019) to continue to pursue LCCC interests through the coalition of CCs (CCTT)
    2. to note: CEC’s agreement to close Leith Street for 20 days in May as reported in Broughton Spurtle
    3. to note: any other Transport & Clean Street matters relevant to LCCC area
  8. LCCC Governance and Office Bearers’ Reports
    1. to agree: to nominate a new Treasurer (to be appointed formally at the AGM) to allow handover preparations to get underway
    2. to note: Comms Group Report
    3. to note:Treasurer’s Report
    4. Licensing Report
      1. to note: Consultation on Draft Revised Guidance for Licensing Boards (closes 11-06-19)
    5. to note: reports from other Office Bearers
      1. organisation of Leith Gala 8 June
    6. to note: forthcoming CC elections (in October)
Event Day
Notice of Election (start of nomination period) -52
Close of Nominations (forms to Returning Officer) -31 4pm
Withdrawal of Nominations -31 4pm
Candidates’ personal statements -21
Notice of Poll (if required) -21
Polling Day 0
    1. to agree: practicalities of promoting CC elections through Comms Group (posters, leaflets) and potential collaborative promotion with neighbouring community councils
    2. to agree: AGM (20 May 2019) – speaker (TBC), agenda, practicalities
    3. to note: review of membership of LCCC committees and working groups
(1) Communication Group: Jack Caldwell, Sheila Kennedy, Bruce Ryan
(2) Licensing: Sheila Kennedy
(3) Parking working group: Charlotte Encombe, Sheila Kennedy, Julian Siann
(4) Parks & Green Spaces Committee: Charlotte Encombe, Nick Gardner
(5) Planning Committee: Clara Boeker, Nick Gardner, Lorraine Moore, Damien Sefton, Julian Siann, Harald Tobermann
(6) Transport and clean streets Committee: Harald Tobermann, Sheila Kennedy, Clara Boeker
(7) Clean streets subcommittee: Sheila Kennedy, John Wilkinson
    1. to note: draft protocol for LCCC agendas for adoption at AGM
  1. Bulletin
    1. Waverley Station Masterplan consultation to 26 April 2019 (Network Rail)
    2. Place-Age: Leith Neighbourhood Exhibition 22-26 April 2019
  2. Open Forum
  3. AOCB
  4. Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
    1. Dates 2019: 20 May (AGM), 17 June
    2. to note: potential future presentations
    3. Briefing by Euan Leitch, BEFS on upcoming Tenement Maintenance legislation and related matters – date TBC

Research participants wanted!

Frances Ryan, a researcher at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Social Informatics, is looking for participants for a research project that investigates how people help or support older adults to use social media accounts.

If you assist an older adult or a person with dementia to use their own social media accounts, and would like to take part in this research, please contact Frances at Participants will be asked to keep a diary related to the activities they undertake on behalf of the other person for two weeks, followed by an interview which can be conducted in person or via phone or video call. (Participants do not need to be carers, but they should play a role in helping with social media accounts.)

You can read more about Frances’ research here ( or contact Frances at