LCCC June meeting: final agenda

Monday, 18 June 2018 at 7pm, 
McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall
1. Welcome
a. introductions
b. attendance, apologies
c. declarations of interest

2. Approval of Minutes of 21 May 2018 meeting
3. Matters Arising
from previous minutes and not included in agenda below
4. Community Police Officer’s Report
to note: monthly update (May), including relevant incidents and crimes outwith area or reporting period
5. Presentation and Q&A: briefing by CEC officials on CEC plans for the defunct Powderhall site (City Strategic Investment Fund – Powderhall Stables)
to agree: future LCCC actions, if any, in relationship to the Powderhall site
6. LCCC Office Bearers’ Reports
a. Community Councils on Trams (documents)
i. to ratify: LCCC’s membership of CCTT coalition agreed by email
ii. to agree:  joint position of four CCs along tram route extension
b. to note: LCCC’s association with new citywide Edinburgh Bus Users Group
c. to note: Treasurer’s report
d. to note: other office bearers’ reports
e. to note: activities and plans Communications Group
7. Transport & Clean Streets
a. Leith Programme Phase 4 and abandoned Phase 5 and 6
i. to notedefects list provided  by CEC; “defects period runs until 25 October 2018 and the Contractor has until then to rectify them”.
ii. to note: contractor for Phase 4 in administration
iii. to note: urgency of temporary repairs south of Brunswick Street exemplified by serious collapse of manhole cover at Annandale junction
b. Proposed tram line 1 completion York Place to Newhaven
i. to note: update post-consultation – first community tram workshop (14-06-18) with 4 options; further workshops; timeline
ii. to note: update on progress of compensation scheme for businesses along the proposed route that are key to Leith Walk’s “eco-system”
iii. to note: lessons learned from original tram project (answer to Q16, item 5)
iv. to note: revised Green Party position on tram extension
c. to note: update from LCCC Parking Working Group
8. Planning
a. to note: 18/02392/FUL and 18/02372/LBC: conversion of existing buildings to accommodate 33 dwellings, associated landscape works, fabric repairs and alterations to existing buildings. (Site 32 Metres West of 26 Dryden Street) and deadline for comments (06-07-18)
b. to agree: Drum (Steads Place) Ltd note of consultation meeting with LCCC (21-05-18) (ref 18/01015/PAN)
c. to note: IQ Student Accommodation’s briefing note and intention to submit planning application for 11 Hillside Crescent
e. to note: LCCC’s planning committee’s comment on Planning Bill and Minister’s response
9. Parks & Green Spaces
a. to note: update on Water of Leith Walkway closure between between Bonnington Bridge and Anderson Place
b. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
c. to note: update on other Friends groups
10. Councillors’ reports, MSPs’ reports, MP’s report
a. update on NE Locality Committee and LCCC representation
b. update on Leith Neighbourhood Partnership
11. Open Forum
12. Bulletin
Shrub Place: “£75m Engine Yard transformation revealed in new images” (SCN, 28 May 2018)
13. AOCB
14. Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
a. to note: future LCCC meetings to June 2019
i. 2018: 20 August; 17 September; 15 October; 19 November
ii. 2019: 21 January; 18 February; 18 March; 15 April; 20 May; 17 June
b. to note: future presentations/discussions: ESJ impact and progress; Leith Viaduct Project;  planning and enforcement issues in Cambridge Avenue; impact of AirBnB on LCCC area; North East Locality Manager; impact of City Deal and Council Business Plan 2017-22 on LCCC area