next LCCC meeting

Leith Central Community Council provides a forum for local people to engage with and work for their local community. The meetings are on the third Monday of every month and these meetings are public, so you are very welcome to attend and engage with what is happening in your local area.

The next meeting will be held on
19 March 2018
in the Nelson Room, McDonald Road Library

2 thoughts on “next LCCC meeting

    • Dear Mr MacGregor,
      I have been in touch with Ross Murray, Governance Officer at Edinburgh Council, who has considered the case and has come back with the following response, stating that there is no need to take this matter any further:

      “Community Councillor disqualifying matters are set out in the CEC Scheme for Community Councils ( .

      Disqualification is automatic in the following circumstances:

      Relocation which renders invalid the residency qualification for membership.
      Failure to attend any community council meeting, with or without submitting apologies, throughout a period of 6 months.

      Community Council members are also required to comply with the code of conduct in all their dealings as community councillors. Failure to comply with this may lead to suspension or dismissal.

      There are no further legislative requirements for the office of community councillor, as there are with other elected offices (such as Councillors, Members of Scottish Parliament etc).

      A community councillor could therefore hypothetically be convicted of a criminal offence and remain as a community councillor. However, in very severe circumstances the Council or Community Council may take the view that the criminal activity breaches elements of the code of conduct and suspend or dismiss the community councillor.

      I would ask that all community councils are careful, especially in instances where an individual has not been charged, or has been charged and not convicted. In any case please get in touch with myself at before taking any action.”

      Given that Mr Hein has not been charged with any crime, I consider the matter closed.

      With best wishes,
      Charlotte Encombe
      Chair LCCC

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