LCCC October meeting agenda

Agenda for Meeting of Leith Central Community Council

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upgrade/outage of Edinburgh Council’s Planning and Buildings Standards systems

The following email has been received by NTBCC from Edinburgh Council’s Planning Service Delivery relating to improvements to the Planning portal; an outage of the system is required to implement these changes. 

An upgrade of the Planning and Buildings Standards systems is planned for November this year. The upgrade will result in a number of improvements, such as making it easier to view documents, comment on planning applications and share information using social media.

The process to upgrade our systems will impact on the delivery of the service and the planning and building standards portal will be unavailable during this time. The weekly list of planning applications will not be issued and you will be unable to view and comment on applications.

The internal systems we use to manage applications will also be unavailable and staff will be unable to access planning and building standards records.

Please share this with anyone who might wish to know.

Further information will be issued in the coming weeks, including the specific dates of the downtime. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter @planningedin or subscribing to the Planning Blog 


David R Leslie
Chief Planning Officer

Place Directorate,The City of Edinburgh Council

Following further enquiries by New Town & Broughton Community Council (through Councillor Miller), we have been advised that the upgrade is expected to take place in early November (requiring a downtime of approx. one full week); but the precise date and duration will be confirmed in mid-October.

We have also been advised that the downtime of the planning portal will also impact the Development Management Sub Committee timetable and agendas, with the weekly list of planning applications including newly submitted applications and decisions to be issued once the system is back online. Planning decisions will not be issued during the period of downtime. Furthermore, as we had requested, additional time will be given to comment on applications affected by this planned downtime.

We are expecting further communication from CEC regarding precise dates as soon as their provider informs them.

In general, NTBCC have expressed support for necessary improvements to the planning portal but we are unsure as to either the extent of consultation (& comments received) or the precise weaknesses that this initiative is trying to tackle.

We have also requested further details on the improvements to be incorporated as although the email mentions ‘making it easier to view documents’ – which we would support – we are unclear how this is to be achieved. Improvements to  ‘comment(ing) on planning applications’ is also stated, but again with  no details as to what these may be. We have highlighted drawbacks with the current system that we are aware of (which include the limit on number of words permitted, problems due to the time-out (if typing directly online vs. copy/paste) & the inability to attach images, JPEGs etc.

More information will be posted when we receive further details.


Stead’s Place: LCCC planning objections submitted

(with thanks to LCCC member Julian Siann for the following. Formatting was added by LCCC webmaster.)

Leith Central CC has submitted the following objections to the Stead’s Place planning applications, namely

(Click the above links to go to the relevant CEC planning portal page.)

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LCCC August approved minutes

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held in Nelson Hall, McDonald Road library on Monday 20 August at 7:00pm Continue reading

234 Easter Road: extension to deadline for comments

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)

The period for commenting on or objecting to the planning application 18/03989/FUL has been extended to 27 September 2018. This application is about allowing ‘loading and unloading operations to be restricted to between 06.30 AM and 22.00 PM Monday to Friday; 07.00 AM and 22.00 PM Saturdays; and 08.00AM and 22.00 PM Sundays. Storetrading hours shall be restricted to 08.00 AM and 22.00 PM.’

The extension is because ‘there was … a problem with the neighbour notification process’. Edinburgh Council are ‘reviewing the process that resulted in such a short period of time to comment’


Stead’s Place applications to be extended

Below is the full correspondance from the the Convenor of LCCC’s Planning sub-group, Harald Tobermann and Kenneth Bowles regarding the extension for comments on the planning applications until the 28th September 2018.

Dear Kenneth Bowes

Regarding applications 18/04349/CON and 18/04332/FUL.

I write to request an extension for comments for both the above applications by four weeks to 5 October; this should apply to both community councils and local residents for the following reasons:

  • the applications were filed and advertised during the holiday and council recess period when many people are not in Edinburgh, including ward councillors whose advise is sought by their electors
  • there are a very large number of documents to consider, some very lengthy and complex
  • there is great local and wider public interest in these applications, possibly the most substantial since the application for Shrub Place (that went to appeal)
  • the timing of several local community council meetings where these applications will receive public scrutiny do not mesh with the currently advertised timeline

Finally, the application 18/04349/CON has been advertised misleadingly as concerning “156, 158B, 160 And 162 Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5DX” (the application form on the portal gives merely a grid sequence); however, it appears demolition is sought for 106-154 Leith Walk. This applies to a lesser extend also to 18/04332/FUL (which gives the same misleading address). To avoid subsequent legal uncertainty over the validity of the process, it seems to me that it would be prudent to re-advertise both applications with a new timeline, or – if the applicant supplied invalid information – to invite them to resubmit.

Harald Tobermann,
Leith Central Community Council

Dear Harald Tobermann,

In response to your email, the original address does appear to be incorrect. Therefore both applications are to be re-advertised with a new expiry date of 28th September 2018. This should provide the community council (and other interested parties) enough time to provide a response.

Kind regards.

Kenny Bowes
Senior Planning Officer
Majors Waterfront Team – City of Edinburgh Council

Leith Central Community Council have yet to formally submit their response.

Comment on the Stead’s Place planning application

Local residents have just over two weeks to read through and comment on the large planning applications published by the Drum Property Group for 156, 158B, 160 and 162 Leith Walk, Edinburgh (EH6 5DX). The application closes on 7th September 2018.

The application refers to the site across from the former Tram Depot on Leith Walk which stretches to the east-end of Pilrig Park and Springfield. People in the area are encouraged to comment on the plans which include a hotel, student accomodation, affordable housing, restaraunts and a live music venue.

Please be advised there are two applications that need commented on seperately;

  • 18/04349/CON – The application to demolish buildings within the Pilrig Conservation Area
  • 18/04332/FUL – The application to erect new buildings

Note you can comment to either support or oppose the plans, and comments will be brought to the City of Edinburgh Council’s Planning Committee.

Leith Central Community Council are currently looking in-depth at the 170 documents and will publicly comment before the closure date.