LCCC May 2022 minutes 

Minutes of Leith Central Community Council ordinary meeting, at Nelson Hall, McDonald Road Library, on Monday 16 May 2022 at 7:00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

1 Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies

1.a Present

  • LCCC voting members: Alan Dudley, Charlotte Encombe, Pierre Forissier, Sheila Kennedy, Ian Mowat, John Wilkinson
  • LCCC ex-officio and non-voting members: Bruce Ryan (minutes secretary), Cllrs Jack Caldwell, James Dalgleish, Amy McNeese-Mechan (Leith Walk ward)
  • Others: 7 residents/visitors

1.b Apologies

  • LCCC voting members: Harald Tobermann
  • LCCC ex-officio and non-voting members: Cllr Susan Rae (Leith Walk ward)

2 Approval of minutes of previous meeting

Approved subject to ensuring the title contains the correct date (proposed S Kennedy, seconded J Wilkinson, nem con)

3 Matters arising

  • Item 7b (Portacabins situation on Iona Street)
    • action Cllr Caldwell to pursue this, in liaison with Cllr Rae
  • Item 9a (check whether future meetings would clash with public holidays etc)
    • action: C Encombe to check this

4 Policing matters

The following items were noted:

5 5. LCCC Governance

5.a to note: resignation from LCCC and new ex officio members

  • Jack Caldwell has been elected to CEC, hence is now an ex-officio member of LCCC. (He had been a voting member.)
  • James Dalgelish is similarly a new ex-officio member, along with Cllrs Caldwell, McNeese-Mechan and Rae.
  • Because Cllr Caldwell had been LCCC’s engagement officer, a replacement is needed.
  • Action: P Forissier to help with LCCC digital matters.

5.b to agree: AGM arrangements, including election of office bearers

  • AGM will be on 20 June (7pm) at the Nelson Hall.
  • There was discussion of who should chair the elections, but no decision was made.
  • It was also noted that LCCC has vacancies.

6 Transport & clean streets

6.a to note: bus shelter @ Croall Place (Northbound)

  • H Tobermann (via email) The trams team has informed
  1. 1500mm advertising shelter (JCDeceaux)
  2. To be positioned against the back of the NR bridge, utilising the existing feeder pillar that is currently in place
  3. Foundation installation approx. October with shelter installation to follow
  • A resident: the proposed location of the bus shelter relative to the police box would mean waiting passengers would not be able to see approaching buses until they are very near. Hence people would need to cross the cycle-path rapidly, potentially being endangered. Stippled kerb is already in place, and space is already available for the shelter next to the cycle path.
  • Cllr McNeese-Mechan: the proposed location may be to avoid people congregating near the cycle-lane.
    • Action: C Encombe/H Tobermann to pursue this at this week’s CCTT/TT meeting.
  • Another resident: the cycle-lane here is closed, so why is this not being enforced?
    • Action: Cllr Caldwell to pursue this with trams team.

6.b to note: update on communal bin arrangements along the tram route

No update: the relevant CEC official has been on leave.

6.c to note: update on complaints about complete and partial road closures at West Norton Place and Iona Street notified to Road Occupation Team by Vice Chair

  • There has been no response to enquiries by H Tobermann.
    • S Kennedy: a better passageway has been installed.

6.d Removal of trees outside Central Bar

  • Action: C Encombe to pursue this at CCTT/TT meeting

7 Planning

7.a to note: PAN proposal (with dates) regarding the development of Former Powderhall Waste Transfer Station, Broughton Road(applicant CEC, represented by Smith Scott Mullan)

  • P Forissier: The architects/developers have offered an online meeting. However, LCCC does not possess the kit to undertake this. There will be an exhibition week beginning 12 June.
  • Cllr McNeese-Mechan: applications are already being taken for the community space. Some former Beaverhall business tenants are applying.
  • S Kennedy: this development is outwith LCCC’s area.
  • B Ryan: New Town & Broughton CC is pushing for an in-person event at the stable block. LCCC could help advertise this.
    • Decision: LCCC to keep engaging with this development, possibly in conjunction with NTBCC.
    • Action: P Forissier to invite the developers to present at the next LCCC meeting.

7.b to note: Adam Thomson’s briefing and to agree: LCCC response to 22/01563/FUL (Halmyre/Manderston/Leith Walk site)

  • P Forissier: I and H Tobermann have met with the case officer. We welcome this type of meeting. However, the application has the following flaws:
    • The application does not follow the place brief established via public consultation in 2021. The brief mandated use of the area for housing.
    • However, the application is for mostly student accommodation. It would break CEC requirements for the ratio of student accommodation to residential housing.
    • There would be an excessive concentration of student accommodation, given the site’s small size.
    • The proposal may well lead to overdevelopment: the place brief mandates that any development is no higher than 4 tenement storeys.
    • There would be issues from overshadowing.
    • The development would not be tenure-blind: affordable housing would be in a clearly separate block.
    • The affordable housing would have no car access.
  • P Forissier: Leith Harbour & Newhaven CC would like to join forces with LCCC in objecting to this application. Leith Links CC may also wish to join this effort.
    • A resident: LCCC should make a deputation to CEC on this, and a further deputation about the Bingo Hall.
    • Cllr Caldwell: I have already opposed this via social media, so am unlikely to be able to vote on this.

Action: P Forissier: to draft an objection, circulate it to LCCC members for comment, then submit it.

7.c to note: LCCC objection to 22/01402/FUL Change of Use from dwelling to short-term holiday let at 3F2 253 Leith Walk


7.d to note: explosion of Change of Use applications for retrospective consent for short-term lets

  • Decision: LCCC to decide its policy at a future meeting
  • Action: S Kennedy to share the objection she has already submitted

7.e Other planning matters

Action: P Forissier to invite a senior member of CEC planning to present to LCCC

8 Parks and green spaces

8.a to note: progress on Water of Leith works and re-opening

  • Cllr Caldwell: this area is now open

8.b to note: LCCC response to application for a burger van in Pilrig Park

There was discussion of whether the term ‘burger van’ actually described the proposal.

  • S Kennedy: I’ve received only 1 comment from LCCC members on a draft submission. I’ve written to say that LCCC is generally not in favour, and needs more information, e.g. location of the van, litter arrangements. Members of the public have also objected, so does LCCC wish to formally object to the licensing of this van? It’s worth noting that CEC parks department has already agreed to it being in the park. However, my opinion is that such things should not be in parks.
    • Cllr Cllr McNeese-Mechan: the operators would be obliged to rectify any damage. Such vans have been popular in other parks.
    • Residents: other such vans park on hard standing. There are plenty of coffee outlets etc already nearby.
  • Action: LCCC licensing committee to decide LCCC’s position [and act accordingly]

8.c to note: application for Bun Sgoil Taobh Na Pairce’s Sports Day in Pilrig Park


9 Licensing

  • See also item 8b above.
  • Decision: J Wilkinson to be LCCC’s representative to the new CEC licensing forum

10 Open Forum

  • Cllr Caldwell: I attended the NTBCC meeting covering the bin-hub roll-out. LCCC and NTBCC should collaborate on this.
  • A resident: when will tram works on the other side of Leith Walk be completed?
  • Action: C Encombe/H Tobermann to pursue this at this week’s CCTT/TT meeting

11 Bulletin

The following were noted:


  • C Encombe: members should volunteer to represent LCCC at the Leith Gala (11 June). See item 9.c of April minutes.
  • Action: Cllr Caldwell to bring or had over fliers left over from a previous campaign