LCCC February 2020 approved minutes

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held at McDonald Road library on Monday 17 February 2020 at 7:00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

1 Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies

1.a Attendance

Name 2019 2020
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Clara Boeker Y * No meeting Y A NA – resigned
Jack Caldwell Y Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y
Jeremy Darot * * A NA – resigned
Alan Dudley Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y Y
Charlotte Encombe Y Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y
Pierre Forissier Y * A Y Y Y Y Y Y
Nick Gardner Y Y A A Y Y Y A Y
Fee Gerlach NA NA NA NA Y A Y A Y
John Hein Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y
Sheila Kennedy Y Y Y Y A Y A Y A
Ian Mowat A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lorraine Moore A * * NA – resigned
Damian Sefton * * * * NA – resigned
Julian Siann Y Y A NA – resigned
John Tibbitt NA NA NA NA Y Y Y Y Y
Harald Tobermann Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
John Wilkinson Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y A
Amy Woodgate NA NA NA NA A Y Y Y Y
Bruce Ryan Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A
Cllr Amy McNeese-Mechan Y A A Y Y * A * A
Cllr Rob Munn Y * A Y A A * Y A
Cllr Susan Rae Y Y A Y * * A * Y
Cllr Lewis Ritchie A Y A * * A * * A
Ben Macpherson MSP A A * Y * A * A Y
Alison Johnstone MSP A * * * * * A * A
Deidre Brock MP A A A Y * A A A A

Y = present; y = sent representative, A = not present, sent apology; * = not present, did not send apology

Sgt George Nisbet Police Scotland Daryl Teague Glencairn Properties At least 3 residents/visitors

1.b Declarations of interest in any items on the agenda

Item 6c: Harald Tobermann and Jack Caldwell are both employed by out of the Blue, who are stakeholders in the current and future use of the Halmyre Street site.

1.c Order of business

There were no changes to the published agenda.

2 Approval of Minutes of 20 January 2020 meeting

The draft was approved without changes (proposed Alan Dudley, seconded John Tibbitt, nem con)

3 Matters arising from previous minutes (and not included on agenda below)

  • Item 4: Night shelter details supplied to B. Ryan and published
  • Item 6b: H. Tobermann submitted objection
  • Item 6d: Delegated response completed
  • Item 6f: Planning committee response abandoned but individual responses noted
  • Item 7b: B. Ryan has completed the committee table
  • Item 7d: A. Woodgate has started writing engagement officer reports
  • Item 7e: Leith Chooses – Cllr. Munn by both LCCC and Cllr. Rae – no reply yet.
  • Item 9: licensing; Elm Row nothing untoward – completed
  • Item 10.a.1: No update on tram noise – J. Caldwell is also following up a FOISA request re night noise with CEC
  • Item 14b: Glencairn (Montrose Terrace Developers) invited

4 Community Police Officer’s Report

Sgt Nisbet reported:

  • The Police have been carrying out speed-gun checks in Dalmeny Street, including checks with the DVLA resulting in five clamped vehicles.
  • Social media safety talks carried out in primary schools
  • Youths congregating in Dicksonfield area – patrols are happening
  • St Mark’s Park homeless man has been reported – Police are monitoring
  • ‘Leith Doesn’t Hate’ campaign is going on – including free bags going out
  • Restalrig issue; bogus workmen/fraudsters knocking on doors. Resident caution is advised.
  • P. Forissier raises motorbikes (unregistered) doing wheelies along Dalmeny Street.
    • Sgt George Nisbit is following up.

5 Proposed purpose-built student accommodation development with community space, associated infrastructure and amenity space, bicycle parking, landscaping and upgrade of pedestrian path and steps @ 11 – 23 Montrose Terrace Edinburgh (20/00496/FUL)

5.a to note: Leith Central Community Council are statutory consultees for this application

This was noted.

5.b to note: presentation and Q&A by Glencairn (applicants) regarding this application

Link to planning portal here. Developers’ website available here.

D Teague and colleagues noted

  • Previous Glencairn developments include those on McDonald Rd and Gt Junction St
  • The site is located between Montrose Terrace and West Norton Place, and is badly contaminated from its previous use.
  • It is not viable for normal residential use, so student accommodation and a community space are planned.
  • There have been meetings with CEC planners, a site visit attended by H Tobermann, and a public exhibition.
  • The FUL application has been submitted.
  • There are listed buildings, in ‘set’ designs around the site. CEC insists that the design respects these, and is not pastiche.
  • Hence the development would have sandstone cladding to match existing buildings, and some ceramic fluted cladding.

5.b.i Q&A

  • P. Forissier asks about lighting analysis;
    • Glencairn have carried it out in accordance to the Edinburgh Design Guide.
  • P. Forissier asks about gardens;
    • Glencairn says they will prune trees.
  • P. Forissier asks about environment;
    • Glencairn says it uses ‘point-of-use heating’ so heaters aren’t left on all day. Glencairn says they take a ‘fabric first’ approach to insulate as much as possible. Rainwater harvesting to flush toilets would also be used.
  • H. Tobermann gives credit to way the design fits in with existing buildings but raises concern about more student housing, especially near the existing Abbeymount development, changing the use of the location, shopping etc.
    • Glencairn says the clearup of the site is estimated at £1 million; student housing raises enough revenue for viability.
  • N. Gardner asks about contamination;
    • There will be a lot of remediation; it will be approved by CEC and SEPA.
  • J. Hein asks about management;
    • Glencairn has not decided yet.
  • I. Mowat asks about the source of the sandstone;
    • Castlecary
  • I. Mowat asks about cycle-parking and disability access;
    • 100% cycling provision would be provided.
    • [disability access answer inaudible]
  • J. Caldwell asks about trees being removed;
    • Glencairn says they’re self-seeded, and that EU directives have been followed when converting the space.
  • C. Encombe and F. Gerlach ask about community space;
    • Glencairn are making a 95 m2 stand-alone community room on the ground floor at the east corner.
  • C. Encombe asks about communal spaces;
    • Glencairn say there will be a communal area at the southwest corner.
  • Member of public asks about what mapping was used;
    • Glencairn used the same approach as used in London Rd.
  • Member of public asks about students being dropped off by family members at term-starts;
    • Glencairn are consulting CEC’s Transport department, and will make a decision.
  • Member of public asks about the conversion of student property;
    • Glencairn confirms that the internal walls could be knocked out the in the future, to convert the building to ordinary housing etc.
  • Member of public asks about timeline of the building;
    • Glencairn are targeting a 12-month build period from 2021 to 2022, with student occupancy starting from July 2022.
  • Member of public asks why City of Edinburgh Council didn’t want ‘old looking’ building;
    • Glencairn thinks it needs to look genuine.

5.c to note: extended deadline for LCCC comments (20 March 2020)

Action: LCCC to submit comments after closure date as agreed with planning officers.

6 Planning

6.a to note: status of current planning applications (February 2020)

This was noted.

  • Ashley Place has had an extension as the developers have added items, addressing some of LCC’s concerns. LCCC’s earlier objection included lack of greenspace and lighting. P. Forissier notes that the developers have made a compromise with improved lighting. However some briefs have been ignored, including the provision of retail space.
    • Decision: LCCC votes to stand by its objection (nem com).
  • Croall Place advertising board has been objected to by LCCC – awaiting results still.
  • Iona Street: documents have been lodged – some members of LCCC were approached by the developers but developers have not sent a summary of first meeting with LCCC.
    • Decision: LCCC to offer to host them in April, if they first send summary.

6.b to ratify: LCCC’s response to Scottish Government planning performance and fees consultation

LCCC wants higher fees paid to councils for bigger developments, and strict monitoring of planning performance.

6.c to agree: LCCC’s consultation response to consultation on place brief for east side of lower Leith Walk between Leith Walk and Halmyre Street

LCCC’s planning committee is drafting this, including tightening up of developer’s summary of PAN presentation.

6.c.i to note: update on SLW’s community right to buy campaign

Save Leith Walk has formed a non-profit company called ‘Our Leith Walk’ to do a community buyout of the Stead’s Place red-sandstone building, to implement community needs. Drum Property Group are currently not interested in selling, but have not yet found tenants. Drum is to meet the new company soon.

  • Action: LCCC agree to send in its response to the place brief.

6.d to note: Draft notes of Pre-Application Presentation at January LCCC meeting regarding 19/05515/PAN 2-4, 6, 14 Bonnington Road Lane and 200 Bonnington Road Edinburgh EH6 5RB, made by Orbit for the developer

Action: LCCC planning committee to handle this.

6.e Local plan (City Plan 2030)

6.e.i to note consultation ‘Choices for City Plan 2030’ (main issues report) underway (ends 27-03-20) and parallel City Mobility Plan (see item 9b below)

LCCC welcomes the plan and will be responding based on its earlier paper. There will be a EACC session (probably on the 21st March), to take a city-wide perspective.

6.f to note: any other Planning matters relevant to LCCC area

no items

7 LCCC Governance and Office Bearers’ reports

7.a to note: update on issues and complaints around recent Community Council elections

  • Electoral Commission does not have the power to deal with community council elections after our complaint was sent in.
  • J. Tibbet notes that EACC are also following up.
    • Action: LCCC to file an official complaint with CEC.

7.b to note: Treasurer’s report

nothing to report

7.c to note: Engagement Officer’s and Comms Group report

Engagement officer; we are considering community council roles, and better local outreach/representation.

Action: EO to compile position paper

  • P. Forissier notes that we need to shout about successes more. These including becoming GDPR-compliant, generating a digital photo-archive, attending two Leith galas, starting a Facebook page, attending Neighbourhood Network meetings, generating more than 1000 twitter followers, liaising with other groups.

7.d to note: reports from other Office Bearers


7.e to: note: update on LCCC representation on outside bodies

no items

8 Parks & Green Spaces

8.a to note: Powderhall Railway Path update

Powderhall railway path potential; on 24th February a group will be looking into technical challenges; consultant will tell us the price, developer contributions. Scottish Power Networks have uplifted about ten metres of rail.

8.b to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report

  • C Encombe raises mudiness of Pilrig Park due to illegal vehicle use in the park.
    • Action: N. Gardner to follow this up.
  • Gardner states that Ladyboys of Bangkok will not be in the park in 2020; H. Tobermann notes that LoB may try later.
  • Wooded areas will be closed to let birds breed through Spring.

8.c to note: other Park Friend’s reports


8.d to note: concerns over expense for use of St Mark’s (Craigroyston FC) and Pilrig Park (Pilmeny Sports Academy) by local sports clubs

  • Price increases are from £11 to £18.
    • Decision: LCCC will not pursue this.

9 Transport & Clean Streets

9.a Trams to Newhaven

All of the following were noted:

  • information shared by Tram Team at meeting with Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT) on 28 January, and ongoing preparatory works on Leith Walk
  • A resident noted the long distance between existing bus-stops.
  • J Hein noted publication of bus diversions took place this evening.
  • start of two year closure of three lanes on Leith Walk from 28 March with flanking measures
  • near-simultaneous closure of two lanes on North Bridge for 16 months from 17 February
  • any issues that have arisen for local residents or businesses that have not been dealt with satisfactorily by the Tram Project Team

9.b City Mobility Plan

The following were noted:

  • 8 week consultation underway (ends 27-03-20)
  • update from Transport Forum – City Mobility Plan event (7 February 2020)
    • Decision: to focus LCCC response (to be agreed at March meeting) on proposed measures with direct impact on LCCC area

9.c to note: introduction of on-street cycle storage facilities throughout the city (locations)

The first local TRO10/20 in West Montgomery Place was noted.

9.d to note: any other Transport & Clean Street matters relevant to LCCC area

no items

10 Licensing

Nothing to discuss

11 Open Forum[1]

A former LCCC member noted that there is a meeting for volunteer gardeners on 9 March at 10am

12 AOCB[2]

A resident noted a survey on the Leith Walk police box.

13 Bulletin[3]

13.a Officials given taste of everyday hazards which blind and disabled people face in Edinburgh’s streets (Evening News, 04-02-20)

14 Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations

14.a to note:

2020: 16 March, 20 April, 18 May (incl AGM), 15 June

14.b to note: future presentations and charrettes

14.b.i tbc: talk by CEC Archeology Officer and FCA on findings at 70, 72 Newhaven Road (17/01183/FUL)

[1] this agenda point allows members of the public to raise issues of public interest

[2] this agenda point allows LCCC members to raise issues not covered by the agenda

[3] this is for information only; any discussion to be brought to a future meeting