LCCC April 2019 approved minutes

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held in Nelson Hall, McDonald Road library on Monday 15 April 2019 at 7:00pm

Actions and decisions are red italics. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

1 Welcome

1.a Attendance

1.a.i LCCC members

Name 2018 2019
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Clara Boeker NA NA No meeting NA A No meeting A
Jack Caldwell A A
Roberto Colasuonno A * NA – resigned
Jeremy Darot A * A * A A A
Alan Dudley A A
Charlotte Encombe A A
Pierre Foressier NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Nick Gardner A A A
John Hein *
Sheila Kennedy A A
Iona McLeod A A NA – resigned
Lorraine Moore A A A
Damian Sefton * A * * * * *
Julian Siann A
Harald Tobermann A V
John Wilkinson NA NA NA A A
Bruce Ryan A A
Cllr Marion Donaldson A * A A A NA – resigned
Cllr Amy McNeese-Mechan A * A A A * A
Cllr Susan Rae A A A A *
Cllr Lewis Ritchie * A * * * * *
Ben Macpherson MSP A A * * * A * * *
Deidre Brock MP A A A A * A A A A A

✓= present, A = not present, sent apology, * = not present, did not send apology

1.a.ii Others

Ella Taylor Smith Broughton Spurtle

1.b Apologies

Police Scotland

1.c Ian Mowat duly co-opted as a member of LCCC

1.d Declarations of interest


2 Approval of minutes of 18 March 2019 meeting

  • Minutes approved without changes (proposed L Moore, seconded P Forissier, nem con)
  • B Ryan, the minutes secretary, was thanked for the comprehensive nature of the minutes produced

3 Matters arising
from previous minutes and not on the present agenda

  • 3 item 1 Information supplied from PC Weaver and shared with members.
  • 6(a) S Kennedy noted that no action had been taken on the changes to the Council’s Scheme of Delegation of planning applications with particular concern for smaller applications that now require 20 objections before going to the planning committee and the short time scale of 7 days to respond.
    • H Tobermann indicated that this was a done deal and would benefit LCCC as it would be a Statutory Consultee.
    • I Mowat indicated that a trial period had been suggested and a possible review might follow.
  • 9(a) a work in progress
  • 9(b) Projector has been purchased. Use to include projecting documents for consideration at meetings.

The need to purchase a screen and an extension lead was discussed. J. Hein suggested that the wall could be painted and used as an interim measure. Storage has still to be organized.

  • C Encombe suggested that the CC joins the Cockburn Association. The cost is £40 per annum. Agreed nem com

4 Community Police Officer’s report

No Police representative was able to attend but a report has now been provided and is Appendix 1

5 Planning

5.a City Plan 2030

  • Tobermann has made a submission to the Local Development Plan Process City Plan 2030 indicating areas of importance to LCCC. It has been briefly acknowledged. He requested that data be provided in advance but this has not happened yet.
  • Clarification of CPO Compulsive Selling Order and CSO Compulsive Selling Order was given, e.g. used for the St James Quarter and could be used on other planning such as Stead’s Place.
  • A Local Plan needs momentum and delays may be due to plans not being approved at a higher level by the Minister on the Strategic Dev Plan Committee.
  • It was suggested that LCCC writes to its MSPs to urge the plan to be moved forward.
  • A letter has been received from Duncan Bremner, Director of Leith Creative, suggesting collaboration with the Leith CCs to progress the Local Dev Plan.
  • Encombe suggested that the Edinburgh Green Space Trust should be included.
  • Action: H Tobermann to contact D Bremner to indicate LCCCs support and suggest a charrette for collaboration.
  • P Forissier declared that he may have a future interest as an architect and will declare his interest if necessary.

5.b Status of current Planning applications

  1. Sian updated the members on the Dryden St Tram Sheds and noted concern on the 7 day rule for replying to new applications due to time differences in application dates and published dates.

5.c Rear of 139 Leith Walk

PAC events have been cancelled. No new dates have been intimated. Developers wish to come to one of our meetings and H. Tobermann suggested this to be in the form of a charrette and due to the time needed would be better to be a separate meeting around June.

6 Parks and green spaces

6.a Parks

  • FoPP and FoMSP both held successful clean up days on sat 30th
  • FoPP is having a summer fun day on 22nd
  • Dalmeny St Park group is making progress. A consultation meeting was held in March and several steering group meetings have taken place. It now has a Facebook Page

6.b Water of Leith update

Millers have promised that the work will be finished in May. Water of Leith Trust will be allowed to do work on the path. Millers will make a financial contribution to the maintenance of the path.

6.c Powderhall Green Corridor

  • There is a lengthy report which is not optimistic on it becoming a walkway.Northern Rail wish to keep it as a rail line
  • This issue has been discussed by LCCC for many years and will increase in importance as an access area as the area becomes more densely populated. It is now on the Council agenda with an officer appointed.

7 Transport and clean streets

7.a Tram extension to Newhaven

  • This is to go ahead after it was voted through by CEC in March.
  • Contractors are short listed.
    • o To prepare bed and utilities
    • For Rails and overhead rails.
  • Traffic regulations are to take 6 months to install. This is a very short time.
  • This will be our last opportunity to make an input.
  • It is important that the impact on shops is evaluated eg. Deliveries
  • It was agreed nem con to pursue LCCC interests through CCTT.

7.b Leith St closure for 3 weeks in May.

  • H Tobermann has written to the developer for more clarity but has had no reply. No gyratory this time. Broughton Spurtle reported that the Easter Rd light sequences will be adjusted.
  • Travel times are likely to be extended and may affect passenger numbers.
  • Action: H.Tobermann to write to Lothian Transport

7.c Waste and recycling

  • Kennedy noted that Andy Williams (CEC manager for Waste and Recycling) had informed Abbeyhill Colonies Residents’ Association that none of Edinburgh’s landfill goes to landfill but now goes to the new incinerator at Millerhill. Food waste goes to an adjacent incinerator. Mixed recycling goes to Broxburn to be sorted.
  • Action: S.Kennedy to investigate a visit to the incinerators/recycling facilities.
  • J Caldwell indicated that some trials in waste uplift were being trialled around Wellington St using a twice a week uplift.
  • Kennedy reported that Garden Waste uplift schedules were not being met and wondered how wide spread the issue was. Several CC members indicated that this was an issue.
  • I Mowat suggested that members could monitor their own garden waste uplift for information.
  • Encombe said that there was confusion about what should be recycled and we should seek clarity .
  • Zero Waste Leith is organising various litter picks across the area for next week. Info will be advertised on Facebook etc.
  • Action: S.Kennedy to put in an FOI request to determine how many complaints had been received about missed uplifts.

8 LCCC governance and office bearers’ reports

8.a Treasurer

  • I Mowat agreed to take over as Treasurer and H Tobermann proposed that he be appointed formally at the AGM. The hand over process is to go ahead.

8.b Communications group report

  • J Caldwell proposed that an A5 leaflet advertising the upcoming CC election should be produced and distributed at the Leith Gala Day. Distribution to households would be time consuming and decisions on the way forward are to be taken at the AGM.
  • He will contact the council to ask if it will provide lamp-post wraps.
  • Template files would be shared with neighbouring CCs.
  • Profile photos for new members are needed for the website.
  • An LCCC sign for the noticeboard would be useful for identification.
  • Information regarding LCCC business is disseminated using Twitter, Facebook and the website. There are about 1000 subscribers to the website.
  • Action: Comms group to take forward.

8.c Treasurer’s report

Same total as last time (£2092·82) but projector and some other cheques to be deducted.

8.d Secretary’s report

Pursuing the reinstatement of the bus stop on London Rd but no reply as yet.

8.e Licensing report

8.e.i Licensing consultation

  • S Kennedy reported that she had not responded to the Government’s licensing consultation as yet as it was first necessary to become familiar with the present 2005 guidelines in order to comment on the new suggested guidelines.
  • Both I Mowat and S Kennedy agreed that because it’s a government consultation, it is unlikely that there would be much for LCCC to comment on.
  • Action: S Kennedy to complete the consultation and report back.

8.e.ii Best One shop at 301 Leith Walk

This has applied for a catering licence from 11:00pm to 5:00am. An objection has been lodged.

Action: S Kennedy to attend the Licensing Sub-Committee on Tuesday 23 April to object.

8.f Leith gala day 8 June

C. Encombe can’t be there and J. Caldwell will co-ordinate a rota. It is a shared stall with Leith Harbour CC and Leith Links CC. CC election advertising leaflets will be handed out.

8.g CC elections

  • The timetable was noted. CEC has not yet announced the election date.
  • All present members have to stand for re-election.

8.g.i Promotion of CC elections

Covered in 8b.

H Tobermann suggested that candidate profiles could be made available online to help promotion.

8.h AGM 20 May

Euan Leitch is not available to speak on Tenemental Maintenance. His presentation will be postponed. After some discussion, it was decided that the May meeting would be the AGM followed by a normal business meeting.

8.i Review of LCCC committees and working groups membership

  • Group 2 Licensing: I Mowat agreed to join the group.
  • Group 5 Planning Committee: J Siann requested to stand down as convener in October.
    L Moore is stepping down and P Forissier is joining.
  • Groups are to remain as listed on the Agenda of 19th April and will be subject to future review.

8.j Draft protocol for LCCC agendas for adoption at AGM

  • S Kennedy suggested that Licensing should be included.
  • After some discussion it was agreed that it would be desirable to have the full agenda available as near to 6 days in advance as possible but other factors might make this unrealistic.

9 Bulletin

  • Waverley station Masterplan is worth looking at.
  • Leith Neighbourhood exhibition 22-26 April at Out of the Blue.

10 Open Forum

No items


No items

12 Date of next meeting

Monday 20 May 2019.

13 Appendix 1: Leith Central CC – Police Report.

  1. Continued rough sleeper patrols and Hostel visits. Reports of people sleeping rough in various areas in Leith. Welfare referrals and advice can be made during contact.
  2. Various Primary Schools visited and inputs given on and keeping safe/role of the Police and Road Safety.
  3. Continued visits to various drop-ins within Leith giving advice to service users.
  4. ASB Leith Walk/Springfield/Dicksonfield/McDonald Road and Library. Footpatrols and regular engagement.
  5. Safety briefings to various Naval visits.
  6. Assisting with MDA warrants.
  7. Extinction Rebellion on 15/16th April extra Officers on duty.
  8. Police/Council Surgery started on 10th April and will be run each Wednesday between 1100/1200hrs if Officers available along with a Council staff.
  9. Youths causing a disturbance Montgomery Park. 1 x 17 year old arrested.
  10. Extra patrols being conducted focusing on youth disorder over the Easter Holidays.
  11. PC Weaver now covering NW23 beat.

Dalmeny Street Community Park – police meeting regularly with local resident based group, progress being made in terms of a Park and a Park Development Plan being instituted recent meeting with Environmental Wardens and Scott Thomson (Parks Officer). It is hoped that the excellent continued progress will have a significant impact in terms of ASB and disorder in the area. Next meeting Tuesday 16/04/2019, Pilemeny Development Project 19:00 hrs, all welcome.

31/03/2019 – PCs Barrie, Clark and McDonald had a great time at the Edinburgh Cycle Fair took the opportunity to engage with lots of different people providing crime prevention/safety advice along with bike security marking.

04/04/2019 – PCs Clark and Barrie were invited to the ‘Big Lunch’ held at Pilmeny Development Project in Leith part of the Eden Project.

12/04/2019 Leith Community Officers responding to speeding concerns raised by local residents conducted a series of speed checks today at Easter Road, Albion Road and Lochend Road. A number of drivers came to our attention during the checks. ANPR car now available and has been used, further focus on road traffic matters over the following weeks.

Ongoing Police Operation – #shutoutscammers campaign providing prevention advice and resources to the public about Doorstep crime and household scams. Visiting many locations such as community centers and other places over the coming weeks.

Twitter – Edinburgh Police North East – more officers, trained regular updates now happening!!! Please follow…. You don’t need to register on Twitter to see what’s on it.