LCCC January 2019 approved minutes

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Leith Central Community Council, held in Nelson Hall, McDonald Road library on Monday 21 JANUARY 2019 at 7:00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

1 Attendance, apologies, declarations of interest

1.a Attendance and apologies (LCCC members)

Name 2018 2019
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Clara Boeker NA NA No meeting NA A No meeting
Jack Caldwell A A
Roberto Colasuonno A *
Jeremy Darot A * A * A
Alan Dudley A
Charlotte Encombe A A
John Hein * A
Sheila Kennedy
Iona McLeod A A A
Lorraine Moore
Damian Sefton * A A A
Julian Siann * *
Harald Tobermann A
John Wilkinson NA NA NA A V
Bruce Ryan A A
Nick Gardner A
Cllr Marion Donaldson A * A A A
Cllr AmyMcNeese-Mechan A * A A A
Cllr Susan Rae A A A
Cllr Lewis Ritchie * A * *
Ben Macpherson MSP A A * * * A
Deidre Brock MP A A A A * A A

✓ = present, A = sent apology, * = not present, did not send apology, NA = not a member at this point

1.b Declarations of interest


2 Approval of Minutes of 19 November 2018 meeting

Approved (proposed H. Tobermann, seconded C. Boeker) subject to

  • More clarification on item 5e due to differing views on what was discussed. Action: C. Encombe to ask B. Ryan to make recording available.
  • Change “his” committees to “it’s”

3 Matters arising:

  • Item 7a of October minutes: (PC Clark lighting in Dalmeny Street) – followed up
  • Ongoing: J. Hein following up with Lothian Buses about the damaged and unrepaired London Road Bus Stop. He has liaised with LCCC Secretary S. Kennedy and got confirmation from Lothian Buses it is their responsibility, but no action has yet been taken by them to repair the stop. Issue may necessitate further action.

4 Community Police Officer’s report:

PC Mark Barrie, who is covering for PC Callum Clark, NW29 Beat – London Road to Iona Street reported;

  • Replacement Community Officer
  • Licensed premises’ log books, CCTV, training records, rejection records – 6 premises were given assistance to improve clerical records in recent months.
  • An increase in antisocial behaviour patrols especially around lower Leith Walk.
  • Police are working with Lorne and Leith Walk primary schools, which both have have road safety campaigns coming up.
  • Liaising with new Dalmeny Street Friends Group. Second meeting scheduled for 29thJanuary 2019.
  • Made arrests in relation to theft in a local yoga centre.
  • Male charged with theft of over 60 bicycles, collective worth of £14,000. Police Scotland will take recovered property to Fettes and matched with Lost & Found reports. PC Barrie reiterates cyclists should keep a note of any serial numbers on their bikes.
  • At the end of November, a 32-year old male was arrested in relation to deception frauds.
  • As part of DVLA initiatives on the 14th December, 13 drivers on Leith Walk faced enforcement measures including for untaxed vehicles. 22 vehicles were stopped, 3 clamped, 1 lifted, 1 issued a fixed ticket. 3 without MOT, some without licence and seatbelts – 1 vehicle seized for lack of insurance.
  • Three warrants were executed on 27th December 2018 and drugs were seized, based on local reported intelligence.
  • Ritchie requests stats on vandalisms – PC Barrie states there was vehicle vandalism particularly around Abbeyhill colonies, but no overall spike.
  • Hein asked about pedal cyclists using the pavements – PC Barrie states they are treated the same as vehicles
  • Colasuonno raises the issue of an incorrectly parked, abandoned vehicle on Albert Street PC Barrie says attention was given to Albert Street on last round of parking patrols and requests R. Colasuonno forwards details on to him.

5 Planning

5.1 Stead’s Place outlined

There are two applications that will be heard by CEC on the 30thJanuary; one for the conservation area and one to develop on the demolished site. LCCC has objected to both applications that were submitted in October 2018. It’s noted the developers, Drum Property Group, revised the drawings in November 2018 with height reduction of the front development. New drawings have been submitted onto the Planning Portal in January.

5.1.1 Site visit

  1. Gardner adds amost entire CEC planning committee members attended so should have good sense of scale. Planning Officer allegedly played-down amount of objections. Not a lot of questioning – Cllr. Neil Gardner did ask about the heights of the development and Cllr. Chas Booth raised concerns about parking in the area.

5.1.2 Planning application hearing

  1. Boeker says will take place on the 30thJanuary – LCCC, LHNCC (Leith Harbour & Newhaven Community Council) and LLCC (Leith Links Community Council) each get 5 minutes to object at the hearing. The ‘SaveLeithWalk campaign’ have also produced revised reports which asks Drum Property Group to respect the conservation area by not demolishing the existing shops. The LCCC presentation will show the environmental impact and lack of assessment and student housing, lack of social-rent housing and lack of parking and increase of traffic. Cockburn Association will also give a separate presentation. Jen Malgrove and Sally Millar will be representing the other two Leith Community Councils. Cllr Ritchie, Cllr. Munro, Cllr. Rae and Cllr. McVey will also be presenting.

5.1.3 LCCC delegation to the special Development Management Subcommittee

We could either submit a written 1-page statement or go to the presentation and have chosen the latter. N. Gardner is selected to give the presentation and J. Siann will attend to assist. ACTION: H. Tobermann to confirm these two to CEC. Both will meet with other CC’s to ensure they can make the most of the opportunity.

5.2 Issues with availability of Planning Documents

On 10thJanuary, head of Planning emailed to announce that the Planning Portal was missing key documents: CEC responds to insist that they are well resourced.

5.3 77 flats without compliance

West Bowling Green Street developers had the condition that they had to clear the site with the approval of CEC, but it has emerged that this was an illegal condition.

5.4 Mobile phone mast next to Rosebank Cemetery

Gretna WWI memorial is located in Rosebank Cemetery, which stands as a tribute to the local people who were killed in the disaster. A mobile phone mast application was submitted but was not installed in the correct place, and instead was installed right behind the WWI memorial. The mobile phone company has promised to move it, but only as a goodwill gesture.

5.5 Status of planning applications

Shrubhill Place: Tram sheds application has been withdrawn without reason. J. Siann notes this is disappointing as it was a reasonable development.

5.6 Signage

Has been rejected in a residential area.

6 Transport & Clean Streets

6.1 Update from ‘Community Councils on Together Trams’

Several community councillors have been attending monthly meetings with the ‘Trams To Newhaven’ team, and their summary is there are things not done (attached document) such as the enquiry into the last tram project, which is unlikely to report on time.

Timelinewise, the final business case will be internally finalised on Friday 25thJan, and will be approved by stakeholders such as Transport for Edinburgh and councillors. The business case will be publicly published on the 21stFebruary and will set out the case for the Trams. The Transport & Environment Committee will make the recommendation on the 28thFebruary and then approved in the next full council meeting.

Significant 18-month bus route diversions will include northbound buses going down Easter Road and Broughton Road while Southbound buses will remain on Leith Walk.

It’s currently the LCCC position to delay the decision further to resolve the partial list of 10 inter-dependent programmes and issues which are listed by H. Tobermann including integrated ticketing, the Easter Road – Duke Street roundabout and how bins and recycling are handledpost-Tram.

  1. Roy (Owner of Leith Walk Police Box) has raised issues with the Trams Team but has never had a reply from the ‘Trams To Newhaven’ team. H. Tobermann advises M. Roy to forward emails to H. Tobermann. Cllr. Rae has also been in touch regarding the Police Box.

Cllr. Ritchie asks if CCTT will take issues raised by local businesses forward, H. Tobermann confirms they will.

  1. Tobermann also reports that we are seeking no more remedial works, to minimise disruption.

6.2 Parking

  1. McLeod has emailed Andrew McKay – parking report (area 1, Corstorphine) will be going to committee together, while area 2 (South West Edinburgh) and area 3 (East Edinburgh – us) will be started at the same time. Action: I. McLeod to forward email to H. Tobermann.

Additional enforcement has been committed to LCCC and anecdotally some members report seeing more parking wardens in the area.

6.3 Leith Walk Phase 4 remedial works

Ongoing at the moment, Regrettably wasn’t advertised in the press.

6.4 Shrub Place

Meeting between the developer and a ward councillor was cancelled – Action: Cllr. Rae to follow up.

6.5 Waste issue

Andy Williams (City of Edinburgh) hasn’t yet got in touch with I. McLeod regarding a meeting on waste. Issues ongoing.
Action: I. McLeod to report back at next meeting if contact has been made.

7 Environment and Greenspaces

7.1 Ladyboys of Bangkok

Neither LCCC, Friends of Pilrig Park or local councillors were consulted about them moving into Pilrig Park. N. Gardner states that Pilrig Park is is completely unsuitable for the tent. There is still a chance to stop this permission via the public entertainment licence. Two schools in the area, disruption and lack of fire regulation. Action: N. Gardner to spearhead the campaign.

7.2 Water of Leith closure

  1. Tobermann met Miller & Miller before Christmas, and the causes of the closure include the wall falling down and a complicated telephone mast coming down. Action: H. Tobermann to write to them to say they must open the path as they aren’t in a hurry, ie not digging on weekends. Agreed new con.

7.3 Friends of Pilrig Park

A bramble pick on Saturday 2ndFebruary and the A.G.M. is 25thFebruary at McDonald Road Library.

8 Office Bearers’ reports

8.1 Treasurer

  1. Moore reports account is at £2093·82

8.2 Reviewing Community Council Scheme

No community councillors attended the meeting but the scheme doesn’t close until 29thJanuary, so community councillors are encouraged to answer the consultation. Anne Krippler invited community councillors to take part in a focus group. S. Kennedy has forwarded the email onto community councillors

8.3 Agree remit of Clean Streets sub-committee

It’s agreed to add “sub-committees” to point 4 of the remit. J. Caldwell to add to the subcommittee description on the website

8.4 Secretary report

LCCC have been asked to give feedback to the removal of A-boards – (see email sent out by S. Kennedy). It’s noted by several community councillors that it’s a positive change.

8.5 Communications group

Almost all Community Councillor pictures are up on the website and an end of year report was published online and on the noticeboard.

9 All other businesses


10 All other competent businesses

  • Caldwell notes that Pilmeny Development Project didn’t get their funding through the Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board, which means one of their projects will be cancelled.
  • Leith Development Project started – Action: J Caldwell to post volunteer request onto website