Plans for new Lidl store at 248 Easter Road

These drawings show Lidl’s vision for the store at 248 Easter Road. This is the site of the former B&Q store. Please click images for full-size versions.

Please see  minutes of January meeting for discussion of this store with a representative of Lidl.

Proposed site plan

G1700-99 DRAFT4 P102 Proposed Site Plan.PC9

Proposed floor plan

G1700-99 DRAFT4 P103 Proposed Floor Plan.PC9

Proposed elevations

G1700-99 DRAFT4 P104 Proposed Elevations.PC9



Update (2 February 2014)

From the Lidl representative:

Dear all,

Please find below a link to our stand-alone web-site providing details of our proposal.

We are holding consultation days to meet the local community on the 17th to 20th February 3pm to 7pm at the proposed site (the old B&Q, 248 Easter Road).

Local residents will also be receiving information brochures delivered via Royal Mail outlining our proposals.

Please feel free to come along or pass this information onto anyone who may be interested in the proposed development.

There is also a stand-alone email account that allows residents etc to contact Lidl Property directly should they wish:

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Gary Sleator
Acquisitions Manager
Lidl UK GmbH

7 thoughts on “Plans for new Lidl store at 248 Easter Road

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  2. Nicky

    We need it, there is a lack of food shopping in this area, either have to go to bottom of Leith or Medowbank

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  4. isobel Duncan

    We need a lidl in the area for locals lots of people have to travel on buses with heavy shopping which is not ideal lidl is also good value and low cost to suit everyone’s pocket good on you lidl

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