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Boundary Changes between Silverfields site and Pilrig Park

LCCC has received the following drawings and information from the developer via Friends of Pilrig Park.

Click the thumbnail images to open full-sized PDFs:

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsArchitects4 - Site LayoutA 02 01 L A02 01 L (1)

A 02 01 M

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsArchitects5 - Site Specific House-typesPlanningBoundary TreatmentsB

Boundary Treatments A09 01

C:UsersfbradyDesktopE10195~1001_1_J A3 (1)

Footpath temporary measures plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

S:TechnicalPROJECTSCurrentEdinburgh - SilverfieldsEngineers9. Inhouse DesignsSK1 Footpath Remedials A0 (1)

SK1 Footpath Remedials

streetlight brochure

streetlight brochure

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Parking in Edinburgh – consultation

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)


A consultation is underway on parking in Edinburgh. The draft parking action plan  sets out a range of actions and was approved by the Transport and Environment Committee on 25 August. The main actions include:

  • The extension of parking controls to cover weekends/Sundays and into the evening
  • The roll out of shared use parking places
  • The introduction of visitor permits in the city centre

Edinburgh Council wants to know what you think about the parking proposals to ensure the it makes the right decisions about parking in Edinburgh.  Once you’ve read the proposals, please fill in the questionnaire.

Drop in Events

Further information and a full list of  local drop in sessions and engagement events is  available on the Council’sConsultation Hub at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/parkingconsultation.

Please forward this post to any contacts that you feel would be interested in making their views heard on the proposals.  The consultation is open and you can feed back until 31 October. Edinburgh Council looks forward to hearing from you.

Parking Action Plan Team

Parking Operations I Traffic & Engineering I Services For Communities I The City Of Edinburgh Council I 249 High Street I Edinburgh I EH1 1YJ I parkingactionplan@edinburgh.gov.uk

Kirkgate CCTV camera

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council. Link added by Bruce Ryan)

With regards to the item regarding the Kirkgate CCTV camera contained in the draft minutes (item 2.2.3) from your recent Leith Central CC meeting highlighted on social media. Just for clarity, the costs of removing and relocating the fibre connections that would be required are indeed expensive, however, following discussions with CCTV, their view was that the existing camera was, on balance, best left in its current location in front of the Kirkgate for operational reasons. This position allows it to cater for a number of uses such as the detection and prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour plus helping to assist in local traffic management; measures that can contribute to improving community safety and maintaining traffic and pedestrian flow at the busy junction. Its former location was on the pedestrian island at the Foot of the Walk, that allowed it similar views, but it was knocked over twice by vehicles when it was situated there.

June LCCC meeting minutes DRAFT

Click to download: 2015_06_22 draft

Please note that these are draft minutes and so may well change when considered at the next meeting. If there are any queries, please contact LCCC – see our contacts page.

Topics discussed included

  • Shrub Place pavement-blocking
  • Policing, community beat officers and local statistics
  • Leith Walk – plans for Pilrig St to Montgomery St
  • new flats at Shrub Hill
  • Edinburgh Solar co-op

April LCCC meeting minutes: approved

Click to download: 2015_04_20 final

These minutes were approved in the June meeting because the May meeting was the 2015 AGM – that meeting considered the 2014 AGM draft minutes.

Topics discussed included

  • Shrub Place pavement-blocking
  • Edinburgh Association of Community Councils
  • car crime
  • burglaries in Pilrig Street
  • Leith Museum/Customs House
  • New kerbside recycling scheme
  • Leith Walk issues
  • Pilrig Park


George Street quarterly public stakeholder meeting minutes – 15 June 2015

(Ian MacPhail also emailed ‘It’s been a genuine attempt to put grassroots stakeholders in charge. The fact there has been standing room only has been a testimony to how engaged people are.

Minutes of George Street Quarterly Public Stakeholder Meeting

Date – 15 June 2015, Venue – West Drawing Room at Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh

Chair & Minutes – Iain MacPhail, City of Edinburgh Council, City Centre Programme Manager       Contact Email – iain.macphail@edinburgh.gov.uk

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An opinion on how Leith Walk junctions might be better

In connection with the latest proposals for Leith Walk (see here and here), here is an interesting suggestion of how one of the  junctions might be laid out better. LCCC does not endorse this suggestion, but publicises it  – and the rest of Uncle Kempez‘ blog – as food for thought.

Leith Walk plans – bad news for cyclists?

Huge thanks to Greener Leith for alerting us to this!

Pilrig-Street-junctionThe latest draft for the next section of Leith Walk has been published.

Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 76 – Drop-in Session today

(adapted from an email from Alan Dean, Partnership Development Officer, sent on 11 June 2015 at 11:33)

A reminder that, in advance of the start of the statutory Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation processes, there is a drop-in session today (Thursday 11 June) between 4 and 8pm in the Nelson Hall, McDonald Road Library.

The purpose of the session is to allow people to examine proposals for the area of Leith Walk between Pilrig Street and McDonald Road, including both junctions, in some detail.

You can view the most recent (updated) proposals for this section of the programme here.

Anyone interested, who would like to come along and find out more about the proposals is welcome to attend.  Officers will be on hand to discuss them.

Alan Dean BA (Hons) MSc PGDip I Partnership Development Officer (Stakeholder Liaison and Engagement) I Services for Communities I City Centre Leith Neighbourhood Team I 249 High Street I Edinburgh I EH1 1PN

Tel: 0131 529 7519        Mobile: 07739 188 438        alan.dean@edinburgh.gov.uk