Democracy Matters regional events

(adapted from an email from the Scottish Government)

Scottish Government is inviting communities to have their say on the themes and issues that have arisen from Democracy Matters conversations that have been happening across the country.

Free informal workshop style events will be taking place across Scotland and will be an opportunity to find out more about the Local Governance Review & Democracy Matters Conversations, meet the team and discuss views and ideas about how Scottish Government can bring decision making to a community level. Continue reading

Write to them!

LCCC encourages its residents to contact their councillors, MSPs and MPs: democracy is so much more than just voting every few years.

Write to them is a very handy way to contact your elected representatives: just

  1. follow that link
  2. enter your postcode to find who your representatives are
  3. choose who to write to
  4. enter your message
  5. click ‘send’.