Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 113 – Phase 4 (Iona Street to Brunswick Street)

(adapted from an email from Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Leith Programme Project Team, sent at 11:01 on 2017_10_02)

Proposed works w/c 2nd October 2017

 Road closures

  • Albert Street (planned re-opening date Tuesday 10th October)
  • Brunswick Road (will remain closed until completion of the project at the end of October)
  • McDonald Road (will remain closed until completion of the project at the end of October)
  • Brunswick Street (planned re-opening date Wednesday 18th October 2017)

Proposed works / worksite locations

  • Works will continue this week at the Iona Street junction, specifically completion of the paving at the junction corners.  The final surfacing/road markings to the junction table top will be carried out on Monday 9th October, concluding our works at Iona Street.
  • Surfacing will continue to the East and West sides of Leith Walk, up to McDonald Road and Brunswick Road.  These works are progressing well, and remain on target for completion by the end of October.
  • We continue working at Croall Place to accommodate the Scottish Water works required at this location, with surfacing and reinstatements of the footway to follow.
  • Isolated worksites will be noticed between Iona Street and Brunswick Street where we continue to make good any defective works, and complete other critical Scottish Water works.

The remaining scope of the project is still on target for completion at the end of October, including the segregated cycleway and the 2-stage right turn for cyclists at the McDonald Road/Brunswick Road junction.

We will be in contact again in due course with further information on our plans.  In the meantime, if you have any questions on the Leith Programme Phase 4 project, please contact: leith.programme@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Michael Motion
Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure
Leith Programme Project Team