Leith Programme Stakeholder Update 103 – Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road) Weekly lookahead (w/c 17th July 2017)

(adapted from an email sent by Michael Motion, Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend, at 16:06 on 2017_07_14)

Dear Stakeholder

With regards to the works and worksite locations for next week, these have been specified and set as the following:

  • Paving works will continue to the N/W corner on Croall Place (outside the Natwest Bank and towards Shrub Place Lane) and we hope to complete this area by the end of the week.
  • We are targeting completion of the footpath paving to Vittorias corner by tomorrow, 15th July.
  • Paving works will continue to the on Brunswick Street, and again we hope to have this complete this by the end of the week.
  • Road markings, necessary for the McDonald Road/Brunswick Road junction to open, began this week and will continue into next week

Again, we remain on target to have completed our works, allowing the McDonald Road/Brunswick Road to re-open for the Edinburgh Festival embargo, and for all worksite boundary fencing to be removed off site, by the end of July.  For the safety of re-opening the junction, we are planning to do this as of Monday 31st July, as opposed to the previous Friday, 28th July.

Further to this, the demobilisation of the Iona Street compound will commence as of Monday 31st July, with the compound off site entirely by Friday 4th August.  At this time, the prohibition on entry to Iona Street from Leith Walk will be in place.

Should you have queries, or require any further information, in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me direct either at michael.motion@turntown.co.uk or at leith.programme@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Kind regards

Michael Motion

Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend