Consultation on Leith Walk ward boundary changes

The Local Government Boundary Commission is consulting to on changes to the boundaries of our local Council ward. The deadline for comments is 22 October. Detail is on the LGBC website.

This is part of a bigger review which proposes for Edinburgh:

  • improving overall parity between wards
  • increasing the number of councillors by 1 in each of
    • ward 1 (Almond)
    • ward 2 (Pentland Hills)
    • ward 11 (City Centre)
    • ward 14 (Craigentinny/Duddingston)
    • ward 17 (Portobello/Craigmillar)

resulting in an overall increase of Councillors from 63 to 68;

  • addressing forecast disparities in ward 1 (Almond) and 11 (City Centre);
  • re-naming ward 10 to Morningside and ward 16 to Gilmerton (no changes to other ward names);
  • making changes to ward boundaries throughout the council area to reflect the change in councillor numbers and to align with ‘natural communities’ (a local geography used by City of Edinburgh Council).
LCCC currently has no concerns for about this; the untidy alignment between Council ward and CC area will not be addressed by this. (Local Authorities set CC boundaries).