Leith Central CC v Leith Walk ward

This is  unofficial – only Edinburgh Council can officially comment on CC areas and ward boundaries –  but it piques interest at Leith Central CC.

Leith Walk Ward, Leith Central CC

By taking and superimposing screenshots of LCCC area and Leith Walk ward as depicted on Edinburgh Council’s website, it’s possible to see which bits of Leith Walk ward aren’t part of LCCC’s area and vice versa – see the green areas on the above graphic. The red areas is where Leith Walk Ward and LCCC’s area overlap

It appears that a tiny area (the rectangle north of the ‘t’ of ‘Warriston’) of the western part of Leith Walk ward is in Stockbridge/Inverleith CC’s area but the rest appears to be in New Town and Broughton CC’s area.

The tiny eastern green bit is, as far as we can tell, part of Leith Central’s area but not part of Leith Walk ward – instead it’s part of Craigentinny/Duddingston ward.

LCCC is unaware of the reasons for these overlaps, but would be interested to learn how they came about.

1 thought on “Leith Central CC v Leith Walk ward

  1. Harald Tobermann

    I suspect the untidiness by the “t enclave” and the “Craigentinny anomaly” reflect the care that underpinned the re-organisation of Community Councils.

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