Fairer Scotland – the CC event

On Wednesday 16 September, around 80 community council members met in Glasgow to talk about how CCs could contribute to the Scottish Government’s Fairer Scotland initiative. The following are personal accounts and comments on this event from Leith Central CC’s web weaver (Bruce Ryan).

They do not represent Leith Central CC’s position on any matter but are reproduced here simply to inform readers about actions the SG and the Improvement Service are undertaking to help CCs live up to their roles (and to provide some constructive criticism of these actions).

  1. Introduction to this report
  2. Context for the Fairer Scotland Event – Marco Biagi MSP
  3. Community Councils: Future Challenges and Opportunities – Mark McAteer (Improvement Service)
  4. Workshop 1 – What are the issues that matter most to you as a community councillor?
  5. Q&A session with Marco Biagi and Mark McAteer
  6. Workshop 2 – What do you think needs to be done to help community councils create a fairer Scotland?
  7. A Community Council’s Role in Creating a Fairer Scotland – John Wilby, Community Councillor, Chair of Paisley West & Central Community Council
  8. Workshop 3 – How can your community council play a role in helping to shape Scotland’s future?
  9. Break-out and vote on suggestions: Dotmocracy
  10. Thoughts and encounters part 1
  11. Thoughts and encounters part 2

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