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Volunteering information from Scottish Government

(from an email from the Scottish Government)

Can you please share the following information on volunteering with your networks:



additional info:


Leith Volunteer Fair #2 in October

After the success of the first Volunteer Fair in June, where organisations such as Leither’s Don’t Litter, the YMCA and our Community Council took part in, Leith Community Education Centre are hosting a second one on Thursday 10th October 2019 from 4pm to 7pm.

The volunteer fair is an excellent way to get involved the local community and learn what people and organisations are up to across greater Leith.

Call for members of the public to join new data panel

(Adapted from a post on the Scottish Community Councillors Development Network KnowledgeHub group)

Are you interested in how data can be used to improve lives, services and public policy? Or how Scotland can make the most of the data we already have and discover new and exciting things about society?

Administrative Data Research Scotland exists to ensure that data about life in Scotland (generated through the day-to-day work of public services such as the NHS, government departments and local authorities) is used effectively and responsibly, for the good of everyone.

They are looking for 8 – 12 people to join their panel and share views on the issues and ethics around the future of administrative data, research using it, and how evidence can inform public policy. It’s an important opportunity to shape the future of this work in Scotland.

Find out more and apply (before the 9 August 2019 deadline) at https://forms.gle/ZVxqmztwei8pvnt8A.


Kiltwalk looking for Leith volunteers

The Edinburgh Kiltwalk is on the 16th of September 2018.

The Kiltwalk is a unique charity that enables walkers to raise money for any Scottish charity of their choice. By staging events that bring together thousands of walkers who fundraise for their chosen charity or cause, they support those in need of a helping hand After two successful Kiltwalks in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee which has hosted over 15,000 walkers, the Kiltwalk are excited to come to Edinburgh for the final event of 2018!

The Kiltwalk would love to involve the local communities they pass through on the walk. Part of the route goes through Leith and a pit stop is located in Victoria Park!

Kilties are needed to give their support at the event, keep walkers spirits up and create the most enjoyable day possible. All of the work you do, the time you give and effort you put in to makes the events what they are and is always recognised by staff and walkers alike.

For more info, please visit thekiltwalk.co.uk/volunteer/


Volunteers wanted

(adapted from an email from Child Bereavement UK)

You may be aware of a series of 80’s retro festivals that take place across the UK each summer; in support of Child Bereavement UK. Last year the partnership with Let’s Rock raised over £60,000 for CBUK but they couldn’t do this without the support of volunteers – they need 40 per event.

This year CBUK is in Edinburgh for the first time and so is trying to recruit volunteers for this event. Volunteers will be required to work a minimum of a 4-hour shift, selling wristbands and raffle tickets. As a bonus, before/after the shift, all volunteers get to enjoy the festival for FREE!

Linda Bliss
Regional Fundraising Assistant
Child Bereavement UK
Clare Charity Centre, Wycombe Road
Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, HP14 4BF
Tel: 01494 569 048
National Helpline: 0800 02 888 40  

Edinburgh Local

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh University)

The University of Edinburgh is offering some public services and activities to local communities and organisations in the Edinburgh region, via a new initiative called Edinburgh Local. This involves:

  • A community grants fund which local organisations and projects can apply for up to £5,000.
  • Free events and activities on a huge range of topics that are usually free and open to the public
  • Volunteering and support for communities, including helping in local schools/workshops for kids and other things.

Sign up for their newsletter at www.ed.ac.uk/local/contact to find out about their events and services to support communities. Or contact them via

0131 650 4063 | 07905118047 | eppy.harries-pugh@ed.ac.uk

University of Edinburgh | Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability

www.ed.ac.uk/local | 9 Hope Park Square, Meadow Lane, EH8 9NP

Leith Chooses – Saturday 3 March 2018 – Volunteers Needed

Dear LCCC supporter,
The Leith Chooses Event, a collaboration by the three Leith Community Councils, takes place next Saturday, 3rd March from 12noon till 3pm. With a pot of some £116K to distribute to Leith organisations, it has received 67 valid applications for funding; an all-time high!  It shows how many dynamic organisations and individuals and exciting new ideas there are in Leith. 
Who is going to win that funding will be decided through Participatory Budgeting, a process in which local people decide how to spend a public budget and to make this work we need as many volunteers as possible to help out on the day. 

If you are happy to help out please email: chair.lccc@leithcentralcc.co.uk.  

Volunteers should be at the community centre for 10am on Saturday, 3rd for a briefing and allocation of jobs.  We’ll need volunteers to help register voters, control ballot boxes, give advice to voters, point them in the right direction, etc, etc.
Should you know of anyone else happy to help with this community event please feel free to bring them along.
We want to make the day a great success and an enjoyable experience. There will  be food and hot and cold drinks, face painting and balloons and as volunteers you will also be able to vote (see http://www.leithchooses.net/vote).
I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you on the day,
With best wishes,
Charlotte Encombe,
Chair LCCC

Volunteer Recruitment Fair: Wednesday 20 September

(adapted from a communication from Volunteer Edinburgh, forwarded by Edinburgh Council)

Volunteer Edinburgh will welcome more than 50 organisations to Scotland’s largest volunteer recruitment fair on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 between 11.00am and 7.00pm at St Paul’s and St Georges Church on York Place.

The Fair will showcase the wide range of ways that people can get involved in volunteering with organisations big and small, local and national, who serve a diverse range of communities and causes all coming together with one common aim – to attract new volunteers.

Entry is free to the public, and more than a thousand potential volunteers are expected to visit and experience the diverse range of ways they can become involved. Continue reading

Leith Neighbourhood Partnership News: Winter 2016

(adapted from an email from Leith Neighbourhood Partnership)

Alcohol in Leith

In 2014, local people said that alcohol was a factor in some of the issues which needed to be prioritised.  Those views are supported by statistical information which tells us that alcohol impacts on the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership area in a number of ways.

The City of Edinburgh’s Licensing Board regularly produce a statement on how they will carry out licensing in the city and the Partnership is asked to say how it would like this done in Leith.  The Partnership would like to be sure that what it says is the correct view of local people.  So it would like to know more about local people’s experience and views on alcohol. Continue reading