LCCC June 2019 meeting agenda

Monday, 17 June 2019
McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall


    1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies
      1. to note: declarations of interest in any items on the agenda
      2. to agree: order of business
    2. Approval of minutes of 20 May 2019 meeting
    3. Matters arising from previous minutes (and not on agenda below)
    4. Community Police Officer’s report
    5. Parks & green spaces
      1. to note: re-opening of the Water of Leith Walkway (press report)
      2. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
    6. Planning
      1. to note:Joint Community Councils’ Written Submission regarding 106 – 162 Leith Walk, Edinburgh Appeal reference PPA-230-2274 Appeal reference CAC-230-2004
      2. Local Plan 2030:
        1. to note: Cockburn Association’s ‘soapbox session’ on the theme Our Residential City on 26 June at McDonald Road Library (booking info)
        2. to note: LCCC area proposals design event on 21 September 2019
      3. 200 Bonnington Rd (adjacent to former John Lewis depot)
        1. to note: CEC sale of the property to developer for £1·35m
        2. to note: window for community consultation under new Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement
      4. to note: report from recent Civic Forum
      5. to note: 19/00415/PAN (rear of 139 Leith Walk): update
      6. to note: any other Planning matters relevant to LCCC area
    7. LCCC Office Bearers’ Reports
      1. Community Council election
        1. to note: timeline for CC elections 2019
        2. to note: Local Interest Group requires to (re-)register with CEC (
      2. LCCC meetings August 2019 to June 2020
        1. to note: update on availability of McDonald Rd Library (Amy McNeese-Mechan)
        2. to agree: proposed meeting dates August 2019 – June 2020
      3. Treasurer’s Report
        1. to agree: annual accounts FY18/19
        2. to agree: budget FY19/20
        3. to note: change of signatories to bank account
      4. to note: report from partnership/locality meetings
      5. to note: Comms Group Report
      6. to note: reports from other Office Bearers
    8. Transport & Clean Streets
      1. to note: Community Councils Together on Tram (CCTT): update
      2. to note: updated programme Carriageway Resurfacing Works – Summer 2019
      3. to note: any other Transport & Clean Street matters relevant to LCCC area
    9. Licensing
    10. Ward Councillors’ reports, MSPs’ reports, MP’s report
    11. Open Forum[1]
    12. AOCB[2]
    13. Bulletin[3]
      1. Recent exhibition and on-going research by Place-Age: Place-making With Older Adults: Towards Age-friendly Communities
    14. Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
      1. Dates 2019/20: future dates TBA
      2. to note: potential future presentations
        1. Briefing by Euan Leitch, BEFS on upcoming Tenement Maintenance legislation and related matters – date TBC
        2. Charrette: 19/00415/PAN (rear of 139 Leith Walk)

[1] This agenda point allows members of the public to raise issues of public interest.

[2] This agenda point allows LCCC members to raise issues not covered by the agenda.

[3] This is for information only; any discussion to be brought to a future meeting.