LCCC October meeting agenda

Agenda for Meeting of Leith Central Community Council

Monday, 15 October 2018 at 7pm McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall

  1. Welcome
    1. introductions
    2. attendance, apologies
    3. declarations of interest
  2. Approval of Minutes of 17 September 2018 meeting
  3. Matters Arising
    from previous minutes and not included in agenda below
  4. Community Police Officer’s Report
    1. to note: North East Command Crime Summary (2 April – 27 August 2018)
    2. to note: update on recent relevant incidents, crimes and police activities in LCCC area (August, September 2018)
  5. Presentation and Q&A on plans for the defunct Powderhall site (background: City Strategic Investment Fund – Powderhall Stables )
    1. to note: presentation by Carl Baker from Collective Architecture on the review of consultations in the Place Brief. Followed by Q&A with CEC staff Neil Watts and David Robertson (Development and Regeneration), Lesley Porteous (planner), Kyle Drummond (Economic Development), Elaine Watson (Communities and Family)
    2. to agree: future LCCC actions, if any, in relationship to the wider Powderhall area
  6. Parks & Green Spaces
    1. to note: update on progress of Powderhall (unused railway line) green corridor
      1. to agree : to seek LCCC representation on the Powderhall Railway Group
    2. to note: Water of Leith Walkway (between Anderson and Newhaven) closure since 20 May 2015 and further delay of re-opening to December 2018
    3. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
    4. to note: update on other Friends groups
  7. Transport & Clean Streets
    1. to note: update on Dalmeny Street capital lighting project (map of existing Dalmeny Street lighting)
    2. to note: update from LCCC Parking Working Group (strategic parking review)
    3. Proposed tram extension – Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT)
      1. to note: tram decision making and project timeline
      2. to note: 2nd design consultation on tram extension
      3. to note: extended consultation on business support during construction
      4. to note: tram supplementary projects
    4. to note: Shrub Place/Places for People – lack of urgency to complete excavations across foot and cycle path
    5. to note: waste and recycling: new kerbside schedule and communal bin pilot programme between Lorne and Albert Street
  8. Planning
    1. to note: status of current planning applications October 2018
    2. to note: Easter Road Lidl application withdrawn (18/03989/FUL) and resubmitted (18/07963/FUL); LCCC objection
    3. to note: update on Drum/Stead’s Place
    4. CEC planning issues:
      1. to note : planning portal upgrade and outage in November (see Note A below)
      2. to note : recent address, date and communication issues
      3. to note : recent successful appeals for non-determination (see Note B below)
      4. to agree : to write to Planning Department to seek assurances regarding timings and resources
  9. LCCC Office Bearers’ Reports
    1. to note: Treasurer’s report
    2. to note: other office bearers’ reports
    3. to note: activities and plans of LCCC’s Communications Group
  10. ouncillors’ reports, MSPs’ reports, MP’s report
  11. Open Forum (see Note C below)
  12. Bulletin (see Note D below)
  13. AOCB (see Note E below)
  14. Future Meetings (usually 3rd Monday of the month) and meeting topics/presentations
    1. to note: future LCCC meetings: 19 November 2018; 2019: 21 January; 18 February; 18 March; 15 April; 20 May; 17 June
    2. to note: proposed future presentations/discussions: ESJ impact and progress; Leith Viaduct Project; planning and enforcement issues in Cambridge Avenue; North East Locality Manager; impact of City Deal and Council B usiness Plan 2017-22 on LCCC area


  1. An upgrade of the Planning and Buildings Standards systems is planned for in November. The upgrade will result in a number of improvements, such as making it easier to view documents, comment on planning applications and share information using social media. The process to upgrade our systems will impact on the delivery of the service and the planning and building standards portal will be unavailable during this time. The weekly list of planning applications will not be issued and you will be unable to view and comment on applications.
  2. Reported in October Spurtle: “Planning Department can’t cope?”
  3. for residents of LCCC area only
  4. for information only; LCCC members may request discussion of related items at a future meeting
  5. for LCCC members only