Stakeholder Update 92: Phase 4 (Pilrig Street to McDonald Road) and Phase 5 (Brunswick Street to Montgomery Street) Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

Adapted from an email sent by Alan Dean, Partnership Development Officer, sent on 2016_10_18 at 15:57.

Current progress

As we’ve highlighted in previous updates, the phasing of the work our contractors, Land Engineering, originally intended to carry out in delivering Phase 4 has been impacted upon by circumstances outside of their control. The upgrade of the Pilrig Street junction not commencing when originally planned, due to the mains replacement works being carried out by Scottish Gas Networks taking longer than anticipated, being the main example. In addition, their progress in relation to the installation of the new footway and cycleway adjacent to the former Shrubhill depot site has also been impacted upon by Scottish Water sewer infrastructure works connected with the new Places for People housing development. We are pleased to inform you that, following the relevant Shrubhill section becoming available to our contractors on 7 November, they have been busy working to finalise the new access route into the site and are looking to complete this work by 2 December. On the east side of the street, the contractors are also looking to complete the majority of the works on Crighton Place by 2 December. After the new year, there may be an element of slabbing still to complete adjacent to some shopfront areas but they will endeavour to keep this to a minimum. Overall, local people should see a significant improvement in progress over the next fortnight as the contractors have access to the full area to work in and look to complete, as much as possible, the current sites at Crighton Place, Shrub Place, and north of Middlefield.

Future plans

Early in the New Year, as of 9th January, Land Engineering plan to commence the Pilrig Street junction upgrade and details of the associated traffic management arrangements, including the closure of Pilrig Street at the Leith Walk end, will follow in a future update. In addition to the junction site, they also plan to press ahead working in the following areas:

  • South of Middlefield
  • Albert Place
  • Croall Place

The activities and work sites from January will allow the Contractor to maintain their programme obligations that had been impacted due to unforeseen SGN works within Leith Walk

Drop-in Surgery  – Thank You! (Leith Programme Phase 5 (Brunswick Street to Montgomery Street) Traffic Regulation Order (TRO))

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who attended our informal drop-in surgery at the McDonald Road library on Thursday 10 November to get more information on and discuss the future Phase 5 draft TRO proposals. The Council officers in attendance on the day had a number of informative discussions, listened to a variety of opinions, and gathered valuable information from those who came along. Some of the feedback received can help us refine, where we can, the final designs for the next phase of the works so many thanks again to everyone for their time.

We hope you find this update useful if you have any queries or require any additional information then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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