Leith Walk patching: earlier updates

 The following information is emailed updates, preceding week 4 patching updatesent from a CEC official to Cllr Nick Gardner (t. 0131 529 3282; email Nick.Gardner@edinburgh.gov.uk), who then kindly forwarded them to LCCC. The text of these emails is unchanged apart from making links to TTROs etc attached to the emails, and redacting the CEC official’s name and contact details. Any comments should be sent to Alan Dean of CEC – but please email LCCC a copy

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Week 1 (23rd October to 27th October)

(See also the TTRO (PDF).)

This is the first update on the patching works for Leith Walk due to start on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

Following meetings with the contractors (Tarmac, SJB Surfacing and Class One Traffic Management), City Centre Roads teams and Lothian Buses I am now in a position to confirm the start of the works on Sunday evening at 7.00pm on works which will see significant carriageway patching works carried out on Leith Walk between Picardy Place and Brunswick Street.

The works will commence on section 6 of the attached site layout plan (PDF) in order to avoid conflict with both performances at the Edinburgh Playhouse and ongoing Scottish Gas works currently being carried out between Brunswick Street and Montgomery Street. The works are programmed for five nights in this section however the contractor has been encouraged to accelerate the works as much as possible to reduce impact on the transport network.

Every possible effort is being made to minimise disruption to residents and businesses and measures include :-

  • Comprehensive letter drop to effected areas by professional distribution company on behalf of the contractor.
  • Registration of works on the Scottish Road Works register to inform all interested parties of our proposed works.
  • Advertising on the councils website and media streams such as the councils Twitter feed.
  • Promotion of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to restrict parking in affected areas (emailed to relevant parties via councils distribution list).

We have also consulted and co-ordinated these works at a very challenging time for the Leith area ahead of both the Winter Festival Period and the impending St James Centre project and have managed to programme the works around ongoing events such as :-

  • Avoiding major production runs at the Edinburgh Playhouse (Billy Elliot etc).
  • Programming the works to allow completion of essential gas works between Brunswick Road and Montgomery Street.
  • Co-ordinating working times to minimise the effect on the transport network.
  • Carrying out the works to assist Lothian Buses with their passenger requirements.
  • Providing a temporary Taxi Stance (PDF) during works around the existing stances.

In addition to these factors we are also factoring in risks on site with issues that will require us to maintain a very fluid approach to the works. These issues include :-

  • The underground Air Raid Shelter opposite “Planet” Public house which will require trial holes ahead of the main planing operations to ensure the excavations do not damage the roof of the shelter.
  • A request from Scottish Gas networks for an extension to their works due to unforeseen ground conditions – this is currently being considered by the City Centre Roads Team.
  • A request from BMU (Scotland) to carry out a water connection to the hotel development on Baxters Place which may conflict with our proposed works – we are in discussion with them to reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Please be assured that every effort is being made to carry out these essential works in the most practical manner.

Week 2

(See also site layout plan (PDF) and TTRO (PDF).)

This is the second update on the patching works for Leith Walk which started on Sunday 23rd October 2016. The works commenced on section 6 of the attached site layout plan from London Road roundabout south to beyond the Playhouse including the challenging section at the pedestrian crossing directly outside the theatre.

The crossing was maintained at all times to ensure pedestrians had an appropriate crossing point through the works. This was carried out by a combination of keeping the signalised crossing in use, reducing the traffic to one lane and having two dedicated members of staff on the crossing to coordinate pedestrians through the green man phase.

Progress has been good, 148 Sq m, 189  Sq m and 113 Sq m in the first three evenings – well beyond the anticipated outputs (110 Sq m per shift) and has got the programme off to a solid start.

The contractor did unfortunately exceed the permitted finishing time of 2.00am on the first evening due to a combination of plant breakdown, the late arrival of materials and unexpected random Police checks however the they have been firmly instructed to adhere to this timescale for completing each nights work. Please note that these events led to some degree of remedial works being required and these will be carried out at the contractors expense, before they vacate section 6 tonight (Thursday evening).

Next week (starting at 7.00pm on Sunday evening) will see the carriageway patching works shift onto the northbound carriageway from the junction of Picardy Place to London Road roundabout and weather permitting, the completion of the white lining and high friction surfacing on section 6 where a significant visual improvement to the road will be evident.

Please be assured that every effort is continuing to be made complete these works as soon as practicable.

Week 3

(See also TTRO (PDF) and site layout plan (PDF).)

This is the third update on the patching works for Leith Walk which started on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

I am pleased to say that the patching works are now ahead of schedule and we are now looking to move to section 4 (Gayfield Place – London Road to Annandale Street) once the final patches on section 5 ( London Road Roundabout ) are completed on Wednesday and Thursday night. This represents approximately one week ahead of planned after only two weeks of works.

Surfacing has now been completed on the most challenging section at the pedestrian crossing outside the Playhouse Theatre where the operations have been coordinated to avoid major performance runs (between the sold out shows of Billy Elliot the Musical and the Elvis world tour) and whilst maintaining access to all local restaurant’s and pubs at all times.

Section 3 and 4, contain by far the largest areas of patching and it is hoped that the contractor can use this to their advantage and continue to make good progress towards completing the works ahead of the proposed end date and before the Winter Festival embargo period.

As with previous weeks, operations will start at 7.00pm on the evening of Sunday 6th November and continue through to Thursday 10th November.

Temporary bus stop arrangements will be agreed with Lothian buses to prevent disruption to their passengers and access to and from Gayfield Square will be possible at all times. The TTRO (Temporary Traffic Restriction Order which has been created to facilitate this is attached for information).

Please be assured that every effort is continuing to be made complete these works as soon as practicable.