Leith Walk patching update – Week 6

(Adapted from an email sent to cllr Nick Gardner at 01:37 on 2016_11_25.)

This is the sixth and final update on the patching works for Leith Walk.

Resurfacing works will finish tonight and  have completed sections 2,3,4,5,6 and 7.

Due to a combination of Scottish Gas Networks (SGN) continuing presence on Section 1 (Brunswick Street and Montgomery Street) and proposed excavation works at the junction of Annandale Street due to take place in February/March 2017, surfacing was not possible in Section 1 and at the junction of Annandale Street. These works will require to be carried out after SGN have vacated the site and once the excavation works are completed.

As such the works are now concluded and the area has now been passed back to the City Centre Roads team based at 329 High Street.

Through the course of the works (Sunday 23rd October to Friday the 25th November) we have been able to deliver approximately 3000 m2 of carriageway patching in a five week period averaging over 120 m2 per night through areas requiring intensive and challenging traffic management set-ups.

I have attached a couple of photographs of the site before and after to give some indication of the end result of the works.

(Please note that these images were supplied at very low resolution.) 

Gayfield Place at the junction with Gayfield Square
by-gayfield-sq-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-beforebefore by-gayfield-sq-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-afterafter
Elm Row looking south from Montgomery Street junction
by-elm-row-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-beforebefore by-elm-row-leith-walk-patching-contract-s4-afterafter
Haddington Place bus stop
by-haddington-place-leith-walk-patching-contract-s2-beforebefore by-haddington-place-leith-walk-patching-contract-s2-afterafter