Plans for new Lidl store at 248 Easter Road – new update

Please see the the original post (made on 2 February 2014) for background.

On 11 September 2015, Lidl submitted a full planning application (15/04194/FUL) which appears to occupy a substantially larger footprint and with more parking/loading and retail space than signalled when Lidl representatives presented to LCCC in 2014 and – apparently – to local residents earlier this year. Objections and comments need to be submitted by 16 October 2015.

Click the graphic to see a full-sized PDF of ‘indicative massing images’.

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3 thoughts on “Plans for new Lidl store at 248 Easter Road – new update

  1. J

    Whilst many may like the idea of a LIDLs, THERE WAS A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO MISLEAD the public. They said this would be a ‘basket’ store with NO articulated lorries.

    That is NOT the case. This is a superstore in the middle of Easter Road. There will be articulated lorries in the early hours, on a narrow stretch of road.

    It will be bright, loud with a covered car park which will encourage anti social behaviour. It is out of proportion in this area.

    Please object on the above grounds. A smaller store, of the original design (which was NEVER submitted to Planning – it was a decoy!) would have been more acceptable.

  2. mary

    We need a store in the area who cares about noise polution it already is a busy noisy road i have stayed on easter road for years now small minded people who cant move forward should not halter progression im all for it

  3. Tracii Smith

    It will certainly look much better than the eyesore that has been a b&q warehouse for years. I think it looks great and for people living up the top end and middle of easter road, Leith walk it is needed as we have an overpriced scotmid and loads of over priced express versions of supermarkets. I am all for it and have you not seen the lorries that hold up the top of easter road at iceland and scotmid, at least here they will go in to the car park to unload.

    I am all for it as it is a trek to the bottom of leith or meadowbank for a supermarket if you don’t have a car. Lidl is better than the alternative of what could end up there.

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