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Leith Central CC draft Minutes, 23 September 2013

Here are draft minutes from the meeting of 23 September: 2013_09_23 draft

Topics discussed include

  • A potential issue with the minutes of the June meeting
  • Community Police Officer’s report: Feeling Safe Community Forum priorities and public drinking bylaw enforcement
  • Leith Walk repairs
  • Shrubhill House planning applications in the light of the Strategic Development Plan
  • Post Community Council Elections
    • Role of CC after elections
    • Development of website
    • Meeting procedures
    • Storage of CC marquees
    • Handover of LCCC documents
    • Meeting dates
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Broughton Primary School
  • Pilrig Park

Leith Central CC ratified Minutes, 26 August 2013

Here are ratified minutes from the meeting of 26 August: 2013_08_26 ratified. These are also on the Meeting Papers page.

The topics discussed were

  • Leith Walk repairs, including cycle lanes, poor cyclist behaviour on Leith Walk and allegedly poor contractual practices
  • Shrubhill House
  • Pilrig Conservation Area proposal approved
  • Trees in tenement gardens
  • Poor cycling behaviour
  • Leith Business Improvement District
  • Bottle banks
  • Seagull issues
  • LCCC website not being up to date
  • CC elections
  • Appointment of Secretary
  • Planning objections – 154 McDonald Road and 69a Kinnaird Park
  • BT Broadband box positioning
  • Halmyre Street mural
  • Pilrig Park cleanup