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154 McDonald Road (‘Kingsford Residence: McDonald Road | Luxury Apartments for Rent’)

In March 2018, Leith Central Community Council agreed to ask City of Edinburgh Council to answer concerns that have arisen from the sale, planning process and subsequent handling of the former Broughton High School building in McDonald Road. We wrote to the Chief Executive, seeing that the issues cut across several directorates – planning, transport, property, education.

Below, we reproduce the initial enquiry and the answers received to date – with more answers to come. The decision by the ‘Scottish Executive Inquiry Reporters Unit’ (better known as Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals) referred to below can be found here: Notice of Intention – dated 25 March 2014 and Decision Notice – dated 18 August 2014. Continue reading

Holyrood education events for spring

(adapted from an email from Sabena Blackhall, Events Producer: Education at Holyrood sabena@holyrood.com | 0131 285 1690)

Challenging Behaviour in Schools

22 May – A comprehensive view of the drivers behind challenging behaviour as well as the role and responsibility of schools in minimising exclusions. We will look at when exclusion is appropriate as a last resort and what more we can all do to get the best result for the child

The Learner Journey: Redesigning Education

13 June – An up-to-date brief on the Scottish Government’s 15-24 Learner Journey Review considering the latest developments as well  how to meet the skill demand required by Scotland’s fast-evolving economy.

Improving RSHP Education in Scottish Schools

19 June – Appropriate and comprehensive relationships, sexual health and parenthood (RSHP) education can empower young people to make positive and informed decisions that define their future relationships. At this event we will examine the place, scope and delivery of education at all stages within Scottish schools.

Drummond Community High School/Gaelic Medium Education: update

(adapted from an email from DCHS parents’ council)

This follows on from item 10 of LCCC’s January’s minutes, where it was reported:

On 8 December, an informal consultation on Gaelic Medium Education (GME) suggested that Drummond Community High School (DCHS) could become the site for delivering GME to secondary pupils from Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce primary school, and that DCHS could later become GME-only. This has caused much concern for parents of pupils at primary schools that feed DCHS. CEC has been asked for assurance that pupils (and their younger siblings) who have started at DCHS can complete their education there. A formal consultation is due in March.

The parent’s council emailed LCCC this evening:

We have now had a commitment that ‘Pupils living within the existing Drummond High School catchment area will continue to attend the school.’ Education Children and Families Committee has decided to widen the options for GME beyond Drummond. We welcome the commitment and decision.

We are emphasising to the community that it is business as usual at Drummond. If your constituents have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the school, Drummond Parent Council or this page in the Parent Council section of the school website: https://drummondhigh.org/parentcouncil/gaelic-medium-education-proposal

School Food and Feeding the Mind

(adapted from an email from ‘Holyrood Policy’)

School Food and Feeding the Mind: Opportunity, Encouragement and Education

Edinburgh | Tue 12 September 2017 | 10.00 – 15.00

As the holidays finish and the new school term begins, the subject of school
food is very much back on the menu.

Holyrood’s School Food and Feeding the Mind event will provide a timely
platform for debate and discussion around the importance and priorities of
school food provision and the wider impact of food education. Continue reading

St Mary’s (Leith) RC Primary School – Rising Rolls Pre-Planning Open Evening

(adapted from an post on Leith Links CC’s website. We assume – but are not sure – that the school’s catchment area extends into LCCC’s area.)

St Mary’s (Leith) RC Primary School’s inclusion in the Rising Rolls project to address accommodation issues at the school was approved by Education, Children and Families Committee in May 2015.

This is to let you know that an open evening will be held at St Mary’s (Leith) RC Primary School on Tuesday 6 October from 6pm to 8pm to allow the school community and local residents to view plans and discuss with the design team the proposals for a two classroom extension in the grounds of the school prior to submission of a planning application later in October.