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Leith Chooses funding applications still open

The locally-run grant scheme closes on Tuesday 30th November so Leith-based organisations are urged to apply soon.

Any constituted community group or organisation that works within the Leith Central, Leith Harbour & Newhaven or Leith Links Community Council areas can apply for up to £5,000 funding. That includes the areas of Pilrig Bonnington and Hillside as well as Leith itself.

The theme this year is ‘Reconnecting in Leith: Nourishment, Creativity, Sustainability’.

Anyone over 8 years old within the area can then vote online between 24th – 31st January 2022 on which projects should recieve funding.

See the full guidance and updates on leithchooses.net.

Leith Chooses is funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and organised by the Community Councils of Leith alongside the City of Edinburgh Council.

Edinburgh Council’s 2019/20 budget – more consultation

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council. LCCC has not (yet) decided its view on Edinburgh Council’s budget work, so this post is purely for information.)

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback at the end of last year on developing a four-year plan to meet the changing demands of our city and its services and completed our budget planner. You can read the feedback here.

Since then we have done further work on how we can continue to deliver services, while balancing our budgets for next year and beyond. However, we need to save more money in 2019/20 than we had originally anticipated and so want to hear from your Community Council and people in your area again.

No decisions have been taken yet and councillors will consider these proposals at the Council’s budget meeting on 21 February.

Please complete our online survey by Monday 11 February and share this link widely.

Ross A Murray  | Governance Officer | Strategy & Communications Division | Chief Executive | City of Edinburgh Council | Business Centre 2.1  |  4 East Market Street, Edinburgh | Tel  0131 469 3870 | email Ross.murray@edinburgh.gov.uk