Preparatory works for Trams to Newhaven continue with vibration testing

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Ground and Site Investigation Works update

Ground and site investigation works along the route are now in the final stages, with the last of the scheduled works due to complete in week commencing 22 July 2019.
The essential pre-enabling works, being carried out by the tram project’s Systems and Infrastructure contractor Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul (SFN), involves SFN carrying out detailed ground investigation surveys at 25 sites on the route. The work is being carried out in sections of approximately 100 metres at a time and under localised lane closures.
The purpose of ground investigation works is to determine the ground conditions along the route so that the project’s final design can be confirmed. SFN have been checking, among other things, the depth of the bedrock. This will allow us to better understand how deep tram infrastructure foundations need to be, as well as the dimensions of the ‘track slab’, which will be laid beneath the tram tracks.

Vibration testing

In the coming weeks SFN will commence a series of non-disruptive vibration tests along the Trams to Newhaven route.

Why are we doing this?

In carrying out these works we will gather information related to how vibrations from the tram could travel through the ground. This will allow us to identify any areas of concern and, from this, design the track infrastructure with measures that mitigates any potentially harmful vibrations.

When will it start and finish?

Testing is due to commence on 22 July 2019 and will complete on 26th July 2019.

How will I be affected?

We aim to keep any disruption to a minimum, with each test taking up to two hours. In doing so, we will not need to put in place any significant traffic management, meaning the work won’t have any noticeable effect on your normal travel time.

Where will testing take place?

We will be testing at seven locations. You can download a map showing the traffic managment set up each location listed below:

Find out more

You can find out more about vibration testing by getting in touch with the team team via the ‘Contact us’ button below.
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