Leith Programme and CEC Project Update Nr 108: TRAMS!

(adapted from an email sent at 07:53:07 on 29 August 2017 from Leith.Programme@edinburgh.gov.uk)

LCCC says:
The following is not just a standard ‘Leith Programme’ announcement: the message below outlines a cluster of major projects, each of which will have a major (negative, at least during the prolonged construction period) impact on Leith Walk and its hinterland, even if well-managed.
Particularly noteworthy: no word about how any of this impacts on the completion of the existing ‘Leith Programme’, i.e. fixing Leith Walk along its whole length. Is this just absence of contingency planning – in case the tram outline business case is deemed to be not robust or the tram project start is delayed? Or has the idea to completely repair Leith Walk repairs already been abandoned?

Dear Stakeholder

Tram to Newhaven Update

The Outline Business Case (OBC) for taking Edinburgh’s tram service down to Leith and Newhaven will be published on the Council’s website on Tuesday 29 August at 7.00am.

The document sets out the findings and recommendations resulting from a 20-month programme of detailed work assessing the benefits, impact and likely timescales and cost of completing the remaining 4.6km of tramline 1A.

An accompanying report and the OBC will now be considered at a special meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee on 4 September, before going to Full Council on 21 September.

The report seeks authority to commence a procurement exercise to identify a potential contractor for the project, with a final decision on whether to go ahead with taking the tram to Newhaven, and with which contractor, to follow in autumn 2018.

Some of the key points included in OBC are:

  • Estimated three-year construction period, including 18 months on Leith Walk, followed by approximately four months of testing and commissioning on the new line.
  • Compensation and support scheme for affected businesses along the route to be put in place, details of which will be worked up should the decision to enter into a procurement exercise be taken.
  • Customer and service access to local businesses would be maintained at all time.
  • Logistic centres and dedicated crossing points would be provided at 150-200m intervals on Leith Walk
  • Logistic officers would be deployed throughout the day to help businesses with deliveries

You can see both the report and OBC here from 7.00am on 29 August 2017.

Edinburgh St James update

As part of the plan to help facilitate Edinburgh St James and the wider regeneration of the east end of the city, essential works to reconfigure and renew the whole of Leith Street will soon commence.

To carry out this works programme, a closure of a section of Leith Street is required, between the junction of Princes Street (Waterloo Place) and the turning into Calton Road, for up to ten months. Works will commence from 4 September 2017, with traffic management changes implemented from 5am on Saturday 2 September 2017.

Leith Street will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and emergency services throughout the closure. Access to Greenside Row and entry to Calton Road from Leith Street will be maintained for local businesses and parking throughout.

In order to keep all traffic flowing efficiently throughout the closure, a clearly marked diversion route with increased capacity is in place via London Road/Montrose Terrace/Easter Road and then on to Regent Road.

For further information, please see: www.edinburghstjames.com/construction

Leith Programme and Depot Demolition Projects

With regards to both Leith Programme Phase 4 and the Depot Demolition, all information provided within Update Nr 107 remains as advised, with works to both projects commencing as of Monday 4th September.  We will continue to provide weekly updates as both projects continue.

Should you have any further queries in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Leith Programme email address.

Kind regards

Michael Motion, Leith Programme Project Team