Is Edinburgh Council keeping you in the dark?

Leith Central CC is concerned that the new LED lighting in Dalmeny Street, Iona Street and Sloan Street is unhelpful, if not dangerous. In an attempt to save £10m – worthwhile of itself – CEC has replaced the former style of bulbs with LED lights. 

Unfortunately, these lights do not give out the same wide ‘cone’ of light as the former type, leading to ‘pools’ of darkness between lamp-posts. As a Sloan Street resident put it, ‘if you look from Sloan Street over the park towards Dalmeny Street, there is the impression that there is no street lighting on at all’.

While the LED lights can – and will – be turned up, according to Cllr Nick Gardner, they apparently still will not illuminate all of their pavement. LCCC has been told that moving the lamp-posts closer together is the only way to make their light ‘cones’ meet. That would need more posts, more bulbs and disruption to pavements as they are installed. All of that would eat into the savings, as well as causing disruption in an already-disrupted area.

In the meantime, LCCC is concerned that the current ‘solution’ is a danger: there have been attacks in Dalmeny St in recent months. It is possible that a car-crash at the junction of South Sloan St and Iona St was caused, at least in part, by low lighting levels.

In view of this, LCCC calls on Edinburgh Council to improve the lighting situation in these areas, or at least provide hard facts and admit there is no money at the moment. Please comment below if you have been affected by these issues. We promise to bring all such correspondence to CEC’s attention.

1 thought on “Is Edinburgh Council keeping you in the dark?

  1. Miss Gray

    The lighting in dalmeny street is a joke, you can’t see in front of you or anyone coming towards you. I know elderly people in the a street won’t go out because the street is pitch black. It’s not safe!!!!

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