Boundary Changes between Silverfields site and Pilrig Park

LCCC has received the following drawings and information from the developer via Friends of Pilrig Park.

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A 02 01 M

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Boundary Treatments A09 01

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Footpath temporary measures plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

Proposed Signage Location Plan

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SK1 Footpath Remedials

streetlight brochure

streetlight brochure

Realigned Footpath Proposal

  • Above is the plan which shows the final position of the footpath and an additional leg of the footpath to be completed on the ‘desire line’ which is currently widely used but has no formal surface or route so has resulted in a worn strip of grass. This is as agreed with the City of Edinburgh Planning and Services for Communities departments.
  • Also above is a brochure which shows the proposed streetlight type that will be used on the realigned section of path.

Footpath Diversion/Closure

Plan above outlines the temporary path diversion proposals:

  • Shown in grey and purple is the temporary diversion through the site. This will hopefully be in place within the next week or so (but no earlier than when the licence agreement is signed with CEC) and will remain in place until 4thJanuary 2016.
  • This will provide continued access from Steads Place/Leith Walk to Stanwell Street/Bonnington Road until 4thJanuary and will contain a crossing for vehicles which will be manned when in use. Gates will be opened to allow a vehicle to cross and thus briefly restrict footpath users until the vehicle has safely crossed. Footpath users will have priority/right of way when using the temporary diversion.
  • The initial works area to be secured by fencing is shown with a blue boundary. With the exception of the blue line shown at the Leith Walk end of the path, which will only be put in place from 4th January, this area will be fenced off at the same time as the temporary diversion is put in place and opened. Then from the 4th January further fencing will be put across the Leith Walk end of the footpath (at the point shown in blue) enforcing a closure of the footpath for a 4 to 6 week period. This is to restrict access from members of the public into the area where works are being completed.
  • The orange line shows where fencing will remain until completion of the flats located on the Pilrig Park boundary. This fencing will be in place when the path re-opens (i.e. removal of the fencing shown in blue) and could be in place for anything up to 2 years. Persimmon have stated that the intended direction of build suggests that it should be removed quicker than that however, for the avoidance of doubt the footpath will be re-opened when the fencing along the blue lines is removed.
  • Once the fencing shown in orange is removed then the final landscaping/surfacing works and boundary treatments will be completed (to the satisfaction of CEC) and the additional leg of footpath will become usable.
  • There is fencing proposed along the boundary between Persimmon’s and the Council’s ownerships on the park boundary to mark where these begin and end. Details of the location of this are shown in yellow along the western boundary edge of the Persimmon site) and the design of the fencing which has been approved as part of the planning consent.


  • From the time the temporary diversion is put in place until 4th January when the temporary closure is enforced signage will be placed at the Steads Place entrance on Leith Walk and the industrial estate entrance on Leith Walk, at the Stanwell Street entrance to the footpath and at the top of the stairs where the Steads Place and industrial estates accesses converge. Proposed signage spots are marked on the third attached plan. These will advise of the forthcoming closure, the period of closure and recommend use of alternative routes i.e. Balfour Street or Jane Street.
  • Also, prior to the end of the school term, a flyer/newsletter will be prepared through discussion with the Gaelic School & Nursery and circulated to every child who attends to inform their parents that as of 4th January 2016 the footpath will be closed.

The exact date the diversion will start remains dependent on when Persimmon Homes sign the necessary agreement with the Council to allow them to encroach onto CEC land, but they hope to have this in place next week. Hopefully the footpath alterations will not cause too much disruption but if you have any queries please email them through.