It’s bin and gone – for now!

It appears that Edinburgh Council isn’t responsible for some of the waste processing issues in Leith Walk and its environs. Replacement bins have been ordered but may take two months to arrive.
photo of overflowing bins on former of Dalmeny Street and Leith Walk

Overflowing residential communal bins (corner of Dalmeny Street and Leith Walk) are bedding in, usually around mid-week. (This photo was taken on 17 March.) Could it be that the bins are used not only by local residents?

During February’s LCCC meeting, we noted that the pavement outside Pilrig Church has a bay suitable for two bins, yet there are three bins in that area currently blocking a bus-route on Leith Walk. The City Centre & Leith Neighbourhood Manager (Ian Buchanan) told us that
the Leith Programme planned to have fewer but bigger bins in appropriate bays, delivered as the road and pavement repairs were finished [but] bins have not been manufactured quickly enough, while the side-loading waste vehicles for these new bins have been less reliable than planned.
Mr Buchanan has now told us
The company contracted to supply the larger communal domestic waste bins for Leith Walk has gone into liquidation. Another supplier has been identified and orders placed with them but roll out may now be 8 to 10 weeks.
Given that bins in the Leith Walk area are beginning to overflow, perhaps due to bins not being used solely by local residents, perhaps due to over-zealous spring-cleaning, we can only hope that the roll-out gets rolling!