Car crime – what Police Scotland say

A citizen tasked LCCC on Monday with asking the police

howabout vehicle car crime that is the driver of cars parking illegally, driving while using mobiles, jumping red lights?

They have just replied

We have a dedicated car crime unit based at Leith Police Station who investigate and oversee vehicular crimes such as theft of motor vehicles and break-ins to cars. Illegal parking is not a Police matter in itself as it was devolved to local Councils but we would assess reported cases on their merits and would intervene where required, such as if it was in the interests of public safety. As regards driving whilst using a mobile phone and contravention of any road traffic signals, Police Scotland would look into any reported cases and officers pro-actively enforce road traffic legislation when on patrols.

At Monday’s meeting, Police representatives also told us that they would not automatically ignore videos and photos of double-parking and similar. However, such evidence may be challenged if a case went to court unless it comes from ‘certified’ cameras, i.e. those which are guaranteed not to allow evidence-tampering (i.e. photoshop and similar).

Similarly, care needs to be taken when putting such videos on YouTube; if they are accompanied by slanderous comments, this could lead to civil court action for defamation, and that’s a very, very costly game.