Dialogue on the future of Scotland

From the Citizen Participation Network:

Dialogue on the Future of Scotland

Date Wednesday 21st May
Time 5.30-9.30 pm
Venue Edinburgh Training Centre, St Mary’s Street

Collaborative Scotland, coordinated by renowned mediator John Sturrock, is organising an evening Dialogue on the Future of Scotland. Here is their invitation to the event.

The event will take the form of facilitated conversations, with all those taking part having the opportunity to experience playing the roles of some of the various interested parties in the discussions about the future: Yes, No, Maybe, plus England, Northern Ireland, Wales, other institutions like the EU….who else? We’ll decide on the evening….

Thus, you may have to step into someone else’s shoes and view the matter from a different perspective, always a challenging and enlightening experience! We’ll pose questions about the process, and encourage ventilation of many of the issues which concern people. It should be both fun and enlightening.

Read the original email: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A2=PPN-CITIZEN-PARTICIPATION-GROUP;137a8c5f.1404p

Learn more about Collaborative Scotland. Their slogan is fostering a commitment to respectful dialogue

Sign up for the event:  http://collaborativescotland.org/past-events/event-sign-up/