Leith to accommodate more housing?

The Edinburgh Council Planning Department recently organised a briefing about changes in the latest Local Development Plan (LDP) for all Leith community councils as more land is needed for housing.

The Local Development Plan is a key strategic document that sets out a vision that shapes the future of Edinburgh for the next 10 years.  Having made various comments on the latest LDP which was approved in March 2013,  Leith community councils thought that they could put it at the back of the bookshelf until a further one came along in the next 5 year review.

However, Edinburgh’s housing requirement is set through the Strategic Development Plan (SDP). In approving the SDP in June 2013, Scottish Ministers significantly increased the housing requirement for Edinburgh (see below) and hence there is now a need for a revised Local Development Plan (LDP) to identify sites to meet the SDP’s  increased housing requirement, a total of some 7,700 homes.

sdp housing guidance

Leith with its extensive brownfield sites is an obvious candidate for increased housing, especially the Waterfront where the proportions of housing, proposed open space and docks are not yet written in stone, but there are also various sites in Bonnington.

The revised LDP is due to be considered by the Planning Committee on 15 May.  There will be an opportunity to comment on  document  during a 10 week representation period – indicative dates are 27 June to 5 September.

Here’s the presentation from that briefing: Leith CC Briefing 270214

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