Leith matters to us

Leith Central Community Council is firmly committed to working towards the best it can achieve for its area. To do so, we want to be proactive, to get into matters before they become faites accomplis.

So, guided by Trevor Davies, a former Leith ward councillor and planning convenor, now a professor of planning, LCCC members gathered earlier this month for a training and team-building day.

This is Professor Davies’ presentation – lots of food for thought.

Perhaps of more interest is this summary of Leith Central Community Councillors’ thoughts. Our aspirations are high:

Our hopefulness makes us look towards the future. We see an improvement in the quality of the place, especially in the townscape of Leith Walk, as a key to a more equal future, where there is deeper involvement and greater empowerment.

We seek the power to change, to make our place a better place to live. We know that this can happen only through the power of neighbourliness and a strong community. For our neighbours, for our children and grandchildren, we want this place to be better, cleaner, safer, greener.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think? Please let us know – come to our meetings (details here), comment below or email, tweet, phone or write to us!

2 thoughts on “Leith matters to us

  1. Leith Central Community Council does *not* represent Leith. The area covered by LCCC *straddles* the historical boundary of Leith and Edinburgh, which gives the area its unique character.

    Having said that, the ideas articulated in the document referenced above are certainly worth debating, and – perhaps – adopting in a suitably agreed form.

  2. What an excellent example of a community council coming together to consider their vision for their community. It is refreshing to see a community council focus on the positive rather than focus on the negative – the act of the possible rather fight old battles. Congratulations on a brilliant initiative.

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